Thanks, 2019

Now that the end of the year has come and it's time to take stock, we want to look back at the work done, celebrate the achievements and thank everyone who spent 2019 with Zabbix.


We are constantly working to make Zabbix better: we improve the monitoring solution and professional services, hold meetings and trainings, organize conferences and contribute to the global open-source community.

During 2019, the Zabbix team organized conferences in Brazil, China, and Japan. Zabbix conferences were first held in Russia and the Netherlands. The ninth annual Zabbix Summit in Riga attracted nearly 500 visitors from 46 countries. During the Summit, we literally opened the doors of our office and invited the participants to become our guests. For the first time, the Zabbix Summit was broadcast live on our YouTube channel. Presentations by speakers and interviews were available to everyone.

2019 will forever go down in the history of Zabbix as the year we opened our Russian office. The opening celebration itself was amazing – we held a mini-conference and learned many inspiring examples of the use of Zabbix, presented by users and customers from Russia. Starting this year, Zabbix is ​​represented in Latvia, the USA, Japan and Russia.

Over the course of the year, we worked hard to improve Zabbix as a product. Our development team has released two major versions of Zabbix: Zabbix 4.2 and Zabbix 4.4.
Zabbix 4.2 introduced built-in Prometheus support for monitoring applications, preprocessing data using JavaScript and efficient high-frequency monitoring using throttling. Zabbix 4.4 came out with a new generation agent written in Go, made it possible to install Zabbix in the cloud in one click, and also introduced official support for TimescaleDB. In addition, we presented the official guide for creating stunning templates and received a lot of positive feedback from you on this subject.

Our company is growing, and there are more employees. This year, Zabbix has assembled a special team of qualified engineers whose main goal is to create excellent templates for monitoring and integration with third-party services.
Several integrations are already available, which are included in the latest version of Zabbix 4.4, and many other integrations are planned for 2020.

This year, we expanded our offer of professional services with a new level of support for global enterprises – Global I. A new level literally covers everything that a company may require from Zabbix. This is not only the best offer, it also gives freedom – managers can redistribute the services included in the package between different legal entities within the same company.

The Zabbix affiliate network has also expanded – over 30 companies from 20 countries of the world have become Zabbix official representatives over the year.

The Zabbix team has participated in dozens of events around the world – in conferences, fairs, forums and public meetings. We supported Zabbix enthusiasts who organized meetings of local users and shared their knowledge and experience.

Over the past year, Zabbix trainers have issued 1728 diplomas to students who have successfully completed Zabbix courses. We conducted hundreds of trainings and were glad that the demand for professional education continues to grow, which means that we will plan even more courses next year.

2019 was a wonderful year, and we want to thank everyone who has come this way with us. May the coming 2020 fulfill the goals you are striving for.

Happy holidays!

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