Text with meaning: video from the first mitap for UX editors

It seems that everyone agreed: the text affects UX, so you need to write clearly, and you do not need to write incomprehensibly. Responsible for UX texts should be a special person – a UX editor, content strategist. But there are few such people in the market, and the community – at least, the Russian-speaking – does not exist at all. There is often no one to ask for professional advice. And we want to change that.

Yandex.Money held the first mitap for UX editors. We invited writers and everyone who works with information in the interface and not only to visit them. We talked about the editor’s area of ​​responsibility and how to expand it. They discussed how to learn to look beyond the assigned task and how to check the results of their work on living people.

Managers, designers and analysts will also be interested: they talked about how to find an editor, how to effectively set tasks and what to expect as a solution.

Welcome to cat.

How many editors do you need to make sense

Tasha Germogentova, lead editor at UX (Yandex.Money)

How to find the editor of the full cycle (in no way) or how to grow it (here are more chances) And where does the "full cycle".

How to make out 200 fines and not die

Eugene Löfqvist, UX writer (Sberbank)

How one task can turn into another. And here is a story about variables, the human text and lawyers.

How much is bad text

Margarita Khokhlova, content strategist (Profi.ru)

How to test texts in the interface and find words that sell:

  1. Corridor studies. Why do we need a test without text and a prototype.
  2. Castdevs. How to ask users and whether they should be trusted.
  3. A / B tests. Collect the data and rewrite the text. Again and again.

So the first UX mitap in Yandex.Money was held. They tried to dig deeper than just "write shorter, and change complex words to simple ones."

This meeting is our attempt to start forming an editorial community, so we organized a special telegram channel UX.txt. Here we will share useful links, discuss and fix general principles and plan general meetings. Join now!

And also the Yandex.Money team in search of a UX editor. If this is relevant for you or your friends, see our vacancy.

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