Testing levels in the automotive industry and all the pros and cons of early writing functional autotests

December 14 will take place online meetup LoGeek Night for automated testing.

Experts at Luxoft will talk about the advisability of covering the new functionality with autotests and the features of testing in the automotive industry.

And also, according to tradition, a drawing of gifts awaits you – smart speaker and merch.


“Is it advisable to cover the new functionality with autotests?” Dmitry Yakodenko, Test Lead

In books on testing, they write that it is better to write autotests for functionality that has already been finalized, shown to the customer and will not change significantly. But is everything so simple in real life? In his report, Dmitry will highlight all the pros and cons of early writing functional autotests and will try to answer the question – what is all that better and where is the golden mean? He will also show several features that must be in an automation framework to facilitate testing new functionality and assessing the quality of the product.

Dmitry is the Test Lead host at Luxoft. He has six years of experience in software testing. Three of them led a manual and automated testing team of 25 test engineers.

Created a test automation environment from scratch and successfully covered the product with automated functional tests.

“Features of testing in the automotive industry”, Alexandra Vlasova, Senior Project Manager

Automotive testing is a very large and interesting topic. This is a huge layer of knowledge in testing itself, development, security standards. For example, to test any autonomous driving algorithm, you may need a whole platform for working with data, simulations, and creating a virtual twin. In his report, Sasha will talk about the levels of testing in the automotive industry, how testing at each level can look like, and what tools can be used for this.

At Luxoft since 2011. And since 2017, Alexandra has been working in the automotive direction as a Project Manager. At the moment, he holds the position of a senior project manager in a project of one of the suppliers of automotive products.

After the performances, a drawing of gifts awaits you.

The meetup will take place on December 14 at 18:00 Moscow time. Details and registration by link

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