Test of LED lamps “Your Excellency”

The Yekaterinburg company Energomix, famous for producing batteries with the slightly provocative name “Test for Truth,” has released light bulbs with the no less unusual name “Your Excellency” and the slogan “LED lamp with honest characteristics.”

I have tested and reviewed all 24 bulb models from this brand.

The presentation of these lamps states that all the characteristics on the box fully correspond to the real ones, an IC driver is used, and also that the LEDs are loaded by 80%.

On the front side of the boxes it is large indicated that the lamps can operate in the voltage range 150-265 V.

A total of eight lamp models were produced (“pears” A60 E27 10 and 12 W, “candles” C37 E14 7 and 5 W, “balls” G45 E27 7 and 5 W, “tablets” GX53 8 and 10 W) in three color temperatures – 2700K, 4000K, 6500K.

I tested all the lamps. As usual, testing was carried out after a thirty-minute warm-up using a half-meter integrating sphere, an Uprtek MK-350D pulse spectrometer and a Robiton PM-2 precision power meter.

The results are very atypical for lamps on the Russian market:

— measured power for all lamps is 90 to 101% of the declared power (deviation within the permissible limits according to GOST);
— the measured luminous flux for all lamps is 1-26% higher than declared;
— the measured pulsation coefficient for all lamps does not exceed 0.8%;
— the range of operating voltages for many lamps is also wider than stated (the minimum voltage at which the luminous flux (brightness) of lamps drops by 5% is indicated in the Umin column of the table);
– the measured color rendering index is higher than stated – 81-85;
— the measured color temperature of all lamps is close to the declared one;
– the equivalent power of an incandescent lamp is not indicated very accurately – for some lamps it is higher than stated, for others it is lower.

The lamps actually have an excessive number of LEDs: a 12-watt “pear” has sixteen one-watt LEDs (each operates with a power of 0.7 W – 70% of the nominal), a 7-watt “candle” has nine of the same LEDs (each operates with a power of 0.75 W – 75% of nominal).

Due to underloading of LEDs, their efficiency increases (at the same power the lamp shines brighter) and, most importantly, the durability of the lamps significantly increases due to less heating. This is the same concept of the “eternal light bulb”: I have repeatedly written about how to remake lamps to reduce their power and extend their service life, and in this case this has already been done by the manufacturer.

The lamps use modern KP1079AWP pulse driver chips with a built-in diode bridge.

The warranty period for “Your Excellency” light bulbs is two years, but it is very likely that they will last much longer.

The cost of these light bulbs is almost the same as that of competing lamps from 93 to 134 rubles per light bulb.

Unfortunately, Energomix does not sell its lamps on large marketplaces (only on its own 1-2.sale). The lamps have recently gone on sale, so there is a chance that intermediaries will start selling them on large marketplaces (currently there is only one model for sale on Ozone).

I am glad that against the backdrop of dozens of Russian brands that deceive consumers with the characteristics of lamps and produce them, saving on every detail at the expense of durability, there are those who produce lamps with honest characteristics and try to make them so that they really work for a long time.

© 2024, Alexey Nadezhin

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