Ten Resources with Computer Science Courses Available for Free in April

Self-isolation continues, and with it a new trend of gifts, with which digital content platforms are trying to support and entertain users locked in four walls. Back in March, many companies announced that they would put part of their services and materials in the public domain so that people could spend time with something stimulating their brain activity. Over the month, their number has only increased. In this review, we have put together sites with courses for programmers who have joined the general movement and declared April a month of free training.


The creators of Oracle Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Database have announced ambitious plans to support developers and system architects who want to improve their level. New students can not only use the library with materials on related topics (data science, machine learning, integration with other cloud services) for free, but also pass a certificate exam. Each participant will have to go through a program lasting about fifty hours, which will include videos, expert advice, and visual demonstrations of the procedures. To pass the exam, you must immediately choose a specialty and level of training, and then follow the appropriate program.


Udacity, one of the largest centers of self-education for representatives of technical professions, of course, did not stand aside from humanitarian initiatives. Those who are serving their quarantine in Europe or America are more fortunate – they are invited to master one of the forty previously paid Nanodegrees of their choice. All others can register, enter information on areas of interest to their personal profile and receive a promotional code for a personal discount (as personal experience of surveyors shows, about 40%) for the corresponding course. The site presents programs in the following areas: artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, data science, cloud services, programming and development.

Execute program

The target audience of the Execute Program is developers who have already passed the entry-level level and are now trying to hone their programming skills. The main method of training is an interactive analysis of small pieces of code that the system selects based on an analysis of the user’s strengths and weaknesses. Currently, the site contains materials in three languages ​​(JavaScript, SQL and TypeScript). Until the end of April, newcomers are invited to take the following courses for free: JavaScript Arrays, JavaScript Concurrency, Modern JavaScript, Regular Expressions, SQL, TypeScript.

Packt workshops

A small but varied set of interactive workshops from Packt can be held free of charge by anyone who signs up on the site before the thirty-first of May. Three workshops are for web developers (HTML and CSS, Javascript, PHP), three more are for data specialists (general course in Data Science, Data Visualization and SQL), the remaining six are aimed at those who want to learn something new for themselves programming language (Python, Java, C ++, Ruby, Go or Clojure). A nice bonus: access to “acquired” courses is provided to users for a year – you can master the stored material without haste.


LearnSQL, which, as you might guess, specializes in SQL training materials (encompassing MS SQL and PostgreSQL), has opened access to the full set of courses until April 20th inclusive. To open the entire collection, you just need to create a free account in the specified period. In total, the site features about ten to fifteen courses for beginners and continuing. Those who begin to understand the topic from scratch can use the ready-made lesson plan, which the administration offers in a post by reference – the courses there are arranged in the right sequence and supplemented with video materials.


Pluralsight presents a comprehensive library of technical online courses on a variety of topics. The collection is divided into several thematic blocks: software development (Python, Java, Javascript, C #, web development, mobile development), Ops (database management, working with servers, virtualization), work with data (big data, SQL, Tableau , Oracle), machine learning (TensorFlow, R, Microsoft Cognitive Services), cybersecurity, architecture, design, cloud services. Inside each block, the user can choose from several dozen video tutorials that vary greatly in level of difficulty and duration (from one to six hours). The library will be open to the public until the end of April.


Progate creates educational programs with a medium reach – the main directions of its activities are related to teaching programming languages ​​and working with frameworks. Now, in solidarity with the self-insulating, the administration of the site has opened for everyone five popular courses of various subjects and volumes from its arsenal: Python (five lessons and two additional articles), SQL (five lessons), Go (two lessons), Command Line (one lesson ) and Git (one lesson and two articles). After registration, the participant is automatically included in the study group, where he can compete with other students. The offer will be valid throughout April.

Vue mastery

A specialized resource for developers on Vue.js announces a week of unprecedented generosity: paid courses will be available to all registered users for viewing and studying. The time frame of this action is rather narrow – exactly a week, from April 13th to 19th. During this time, you need to have time to master a considerable amount of materials: more than a dozen courses are presented on the site, paving the way from Beginner to Advanced, and each of them consists of five to ten lessons. For those who like it, there is a side special offer: the ability to issue an annual subscription with a 30% discount on the FREEWEEK2020 promotional code for the same week.


The Unity community offers advanced opportunities for developers and designers involved in gamedev – until June 20th, joining the Unity Learn Premium program will be on preferential terms. The program involves access to a good supply of lectures, open conversations with experts in real time, jam sessions with other users, in a word, a maximum of diversity in self-education. The range of topics in the training materials also looms very wide: concept art, prototyping, various aspects of development, AR and VR, the use of artificial intelligence, product promotion on the market.

365 data science

365 Data Science provides a truly deep immersion in working with data: specialists from this team prepared more than twenty courses in four thematic blocks (introductory classes, SQL development, Tableau, Python, R, deep learning, narrow specialization in tasks). If each of these blocks was successfully completed by the participant, at the end of the program he will receive four certificates. All material on the site is still available for free, but only a few hours remain until the promotion expires.

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