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I could not find at least some normal information about Telegram test servers, except for one article about how to log in from android to a test server and get a premium there and a channel with a checkmark. And a small section on the official Telegram website that mentions this topic, which is not very easy to find.

Therefore, I decided to write a guide and some nuances about this topic for an inquisitive reader and user of Telegram.

What is a Telegram test server?

It’s like a separate Telegram with an almost identical backend, and an identical frontend. But the data on it does not intersect with the data in the regular Telegram. That is, the username @durov in a regular Telegram will lead to the channel of Pavel Valerievich, and in the test server to a completely different channel, the creator of which is unknown.

And there are much fewer users in it than in regular Telegram, to be more precise, there are practically none there.

This server was, as can be intuitively understood from the name, created for testing, but it is not very clear what exactly they are testing there, since for testing new versions there are beta versions that work with the regular Telegram database. I think that they can test various kinds of loads there, but this is a personal opinion that is based only on guesses and assumptions.

But the maximum number of participants in a group is 500, although in a regular Telegram this number is 200,000.

How to access the Telegram test server?

There are two ways. First, from your phone number:

From the desktop version of Telegram on Windows, you need to put courses on the “Add account” button and press Shift + Alt + LMB and the following choice will come out:

You need to select the bottom option.

You need to select the bottom option.

Where you need to select the second option “Test Server”, after which you need to register a new account, YOU CAN USE THE SAME NUMBER THAT YOU USE IN REGULAR TELEGRAM! In this case, nothing will happen to your main account, it’s as if you registered using the same number in two different messengers, one account will not interfere with the other in any way.

For the Android version, you can use the Telegram beta client, you can download it from this link – which you need to go to the downloaded version, select the checkmark on the “Test Backend” button and register.

The second, using the test number +999.

In order to log into your account from a test number that starts with +999, you need to go again, as in the previous method, to the test server by clicking on the desktop version of Shift + Alt + LMB or through the beta version of Telegram for android.

In the phone number, enter any phone number, the first five digits of which will be 99966, after a number from 0 to 3 (this part is very important in the future), and at the end of any 4 digits.
Such a number might look like this: +9996613648

And then, in the input field of the five-digit SMS code, you need to insert the same number after 99966, which should be from 0 to 3, in this case, since this is the number 1, you need to write five units.

It looks like this.

But there is a chance that you will stumble upon an already created account. In this case, there are two options for the development of the situation. First: This account does not have a cloud password (two-factor authentication), then you can safely log into this account and get full access to the account. Second: this account has a cloud password, in which case you can delete this account and then register a new account on the same phone number.

I created an account, put a cloud password on it, logged in and deleted it without entering a cloud password.

Congratulations! You have just created your account on the Telegram test server.
What’s next?

2 main features that are not in regular Telegram.


FREE Telegram Premium!

Need to go to “New card” in the payment method and write the number “4242 4242 4242 4242” in the card number, enter any other data, the main thing is to be adequate, for example:

After that, he will ask you to turn on the cloud password, this is the same as in the usual Telegram, the main thing is not to forget it. But there will be one caveat, the subscription will not be for a month, but only for a couple of minutes, and here it is already unclear what and how. Since sometimes it renews automatically every few minutes (and in this case I advise you to turn off notifications from this bot), and sometimes it doesn’t, and it happens that it is extended immediately for several days in advance, but if you have to renew manually, then you just need to press a couple of buttons and enter the cloud password.

Now it is quite possible that you have a Premium Telegram subscription for the first time. You can go play with it, or you can continue reading and make a verified channel or group.

Second feature

Getting a verification checkmark on your channel/groups.

Everything is very simple here, you need to put _vf at the end of the username of the channel / group

For example, like this:

BUT! After creating such a channel, it will not be possible to change the username, if you try to do this, you will receive the following warning:

But on the test server, this bot does not work, and it turns out that it is impossible to change the username, only create a new channel.


At the moment, this is all the information that I managed to find about Telegram test servers in various places, including by clicking. Come, register and test!

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