Talking in pajamas. Online meeting with Vitaly Friedman on June 19

Tired of zoom and boring rallies? We want to diversify your life by inviting bright, interesting and inspiring people from IT and beyond to Wrike TechClub. And you sit back, relax, pour yourself something and leave painful thoughts for tomorrow. A marathon from endless affairs will wait join in to our Pajamaton on June 19 at 7 pm (Moscow time).

Living in 2020, as it turned out, is not easy. Many of us daily struggle with endless phoning and meetings, online mitaps also began to bother. And we are not talking about constant advertising about new courses, webinars and trainings. Who would have thought that digital life could be so tiring, right?

That is why we thought and decided to organize a new format – pajama conversations. But you can be dressed what you want. You can even watch inattentively, we will still try to interest you
NB: Meetings are in English.

The first episode came out a week ago with Maxim Salnikov, Microsoft’s DevRel. Summary of the issue:

– What is a dream job?
– How to do marketing for those who hate marketing?
– How to explain to grandmother what PWA is (not glue)
– What is needed to organize a memorable conference
– Itsoria of Max relocation to Norway
– Destroying the myths of Norway

AND June 19 will come to visit us Vitaliy Fridman (Smashing Mag, Smashing Conf)

Born in Minsk, Belarus, Vitaliy studied computer science and mathematics in Germany, where he found interest in typography, journalism, and web design. After working with various agencies and clients for 6 years, Vitaliy created Smashing Magazine, a popular online magazine about design and web programming.
Vitaliy Fridman loves beautiful content and does not like to give up easily. When he does not write or speak at conferences, he most likely conducts seminars on interfaces / UX and webinars. He likes to solve complex UX, front-end tasks and performance problems.

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