Take a Look at the Weekend: English-language YouTube Channels on Software Development and Electronics for Beginners

Some people believe that educational YouTube channels and podcasts, by definition, cannot provide in-depth knowledge, while others find new ideas and inspiration there. We decided to figure out what experienced developers and those who are just starting the educational process in IT are watching.

Today we will focus on general topics, and next time we will move on to specialized ones.

The main thing is not to take these recommendations as one of a kind. You will definitely find something new for yourself – both from the point of view of the general culture of programming, and some aspects of computer science. But do not expect something impossible from the authors of these channels.

Chase Chappell / Unsplash.com
Chase Chappell / Unsplash.com

Fun Fun Function

245 thousand subscribers

Note right away that the author of the channel suspended release of videos. But he kept the library of records, collected for more than five years of work. Most views – 600k – scored First part parsing functional programming techniques in JavaScript. Topics such as React Hooks (123k) and cognitive behavioral therapy (28.5k), which has become part of a long series of dozens of videos about development culture, career in IT, life hacks for programmers, productive work and emotional hygiene

Suitable for advanced developers and those who are just starting to understand the topic.

A distinctive feature of the channel is the presenter’s informativeness and good sense of humor. Thanks to them, all publications have gained more than ten million views in total. By the way, check out the friendly project too DevTip (although here updates stopped appearing even earlier).

Art of The Problem

70 thousand subscribers

Here, each issue is devoted to the history of a technological or scientific problem. The videos tell how the solution of a particular issue began, discuss the progress of this process and share modern research and project implementations on a given topic.

Some of the most popular programs are on neuroscience and deep learning… In the last video in this series, the authors explain the basic concepts and mathematics involved in this area through various kinds of visualizations. The channel has a huge number of reviews: from mechanic recommendation before basic principles of work cryptographic systems.

Rishabh Agarwal / Unsplash.com
Rishabh Agarwal / Unsplash.com

Suitable for everyone who is interested in technology and does not want to “slip in one place.”

A distinctive feature is a neat approach to the video sequence, prepared off-screen reading, high information content and the pace of material presentation (in the best sense). These qualities are true for all videos, of which there are not so many here, but they still scored their 6.5 million views.

Gurava Sena Canal


This is one of the pinnacle recommendations of the Hacker News community. The author of the channel has chosen the following thematic areas for himself: systems design, algorithms, sports programming and work on AI systems. But on them he not limited

In total, Gurav’s videos received more than eleven million views, although in total on the channel there are slightly less than 170 publications. Most popular video – 720k – is a parsing of the device messaging systems… Right behind him – “fastest sorting algorithm“(668k), the third place is database sharding, fourth – service architecture like Tinder

Will appeal to those who study at one of the CS-specialties and develops a career in this field, and for more advanced programmers – it will help to find a fresh look at Some questions

A distinctive feature is the speed of material submission, which is significantly different from what many are used to at the university; variety and deep enough immersion in certain topics.

Ben Iter’s Channel

559K subscribers

We continue to move from channels where new videos have not appeared for about a month, to more active ones. This project is being handled by a person known for the technical part Khan academy and independent undertaking in the development of electronics and simulation of computer hardware.

His videos have gained more than 33 million views, and individual videos regularly reach the millionth reach. In the top – a story about how to collect “the world’s worst video card“(2.8M), we would also highlight the acquaintance with TCP operation (333k) and discussion of the problem net neutrality

Suitable for those who would like to dive into the world of computer hardware in practice.

A distinctive feature is a deep study of individual topics (example of a playlist for one of them), detailed explanations of the principles of operation and arrangement of the components, attentive attitude to the video sequence (close-ups, light), good sound and detailed voice-over comments to the guides.

The coding train

1.19 million subscribers

If, while watching a really useful YouTube tutorial, you thought about how cool it would be if its author taught at your university, then this is just such a case. It has everything from algorithms and machine learning to generative poetry and various simulations.

Slidebean / Unsplash.com
Slidebean / Unsplash.com

It should be noted separately playlists… Their number can be compared with the total number of videos on similar channels. Their most popular episodes – to watch this weekend – we would recommend compact guide machine learning for creative professionals and another, but already on the topic of the traveling salesman problem.

This channel is suitable for everyone who reads Habr every day. Experienced developers and those who are just starting their way in the IT field will definitely be able to find something suitable and useful for themselves.

A distinctive feature is an excellent sense of humor of the presenter, a professional attitude to the analysis of selected topics, a high level of presentation of material in the format of a live presentation (without editing).

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