Symphony Commerce: Digital Commerce Startup of the Year


Symphony Commerce, a service platform for merchants, was named Digital Commerce Startup of the Year, ahead of 60 other similarly interesting projects.
The company provides business opportunities that never existed before or that were only available to mega-retailers, SMB brands to drive their growth. The firm was selected by a panel of judges that included industry leaders such as the National Retail Federation, Northwest Venture Partners, Simon Venture Group, Modcloth, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Abercrombie and Fitch. This project was marked as the startup with the most significant potential to transform the purchasing experience and positively impact the retail industry… What can this platform give you?

Solutions for online stores

Symphony provides enterprise-level trading as a service to high-growth brands. The service covers the needs of the wholesale and retail business, from commercial applications to supply chain logistics. This allows customers to focus on core functions such as creating products and maintaining strong customer relationships. Services include complete solutions for online stores, execution and marketing.

The gross trade value of services provided by Symphony as a service platform that is largely based on e-commerce has grown by 400% over the previous year and is now on track to $ 1 billion (by 2016 this figure is likely to be achieved). The project’s own revenues were up 280% year-over-year (after customers joined the fast-growing group of brands based on Symphony technology and services).

“We believe that large companies are created when they focus on key aspects of their business. For retailers, these are merchandise, trade, branding and shoppers, ”said Harish Abbott, CEO and co-founder of Symphony Commerce.

“Brands that do business with us have the freedom to focus on core elements, and thus have the opportunity to expand their retail and wholesale business and keep up with the big names.”

Manage orders and inventory

Brands that collaborate with Symphony benefit from a high-quality full-service retail infrastructure, support and uninterrupted communication between the stationary and mobile versions of the online store, with payment acceptance, order management, inventory and warehouse, execution:

• Sales of Customer Diamond Candles increased 10 times, while the number of employees increased only 2 times;
• Online sales of Boll and Branch are up 3.300% (with Symphony);
• Marquee Lights increased sales of over 250% in its first year with Symphony.

“Retail is changing at the speed of light, many of the innovations we see today exist because people like Harish have followed their dream of creating a company that has influenced our industry so much and, in this case, companies. which has changed the way retailers and brands develop their businesses digitally, ”said Vicki Cantrell, NRF Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of


I would like to note that after reading such materials, the fact becomes more and more obvious: you must not only be aware of new technologies in areas that are important for you, but also try to try everything you can. Who knows, what if today was considered just an interesting “notion” for your business will become a find that can generate a stream of profit?
Also, in addition to what Harrish Abbott said, this material would be very well suited, which describes which aspects of the business are key to building long-term partnerships.

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