Surprise about your data in the classification law

The State Duma urgently (two readings in one day) adopted new law, which will affect, CIAN, Yandex.Verticals, Avito and other classifieds with more than 100k uniques. He assigns all sorts of control measures, but there is an interesting point that almost no one noticed. It concerns the forced collection of your data from each page of the classified by the state.

All these sites, according to this law, are required to install a state counter and login buttons for state systems.

What kind of “program” is this? This is our good old state accountant, who is obliged to set themselves media services from the list, which Roskomnadzor maintains at its discretion. What can he collect and where to put it – defined by law. which was later specified resolution and after was chosen specific performer. In fact, this is JS on every page of the site.

The counter collects about you not only the fact of visiting the site, it collects the specific titles of the pages and articles that you have viewed. The law requires recording every fact of playing a video, the content of the page, its URL, the first 256 characters of the content, and much more.

The law is sort of about “accounting for the audience.” But it has a wonderful caveat that data is also collected “for other purposes established by laws“It is noteworthy that in the first consideration of the law, even the entire head of the government staff wrote the main remark to the bill – they say, I demand clarification of this point, what for “other purposes.” But his demands were simply scored, nothing was specified in the final text of the law.

All data will be accumulated in a single state system in relation to your login, browser, or profile of public services. Previously, this data was only inside the classifier itself. Now – take and use.

And here’s something even more interesting. The owner of the meter also “receives authority” under another law, on the state regulation of information technology (FZ 149). More specifically, he can now develop systems for various purposes for organizations and government agencies. Well, for example, the meter has every right to make a service for selling the collected data on this data or create a monitoring service for the Ministry of Internal Affairs – what housing did you look at, in what areas, what cars were you interested in. You don’t need to ask permission.

And yes, the counter does not bear any responsibility for the collection and protection of this data. There is nothing in the law about this.

There is nothing good in this. I have not seen analogues of such a “megameter”, even in China.

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