Surf Flutter Course: Keeping Up with the Technology of the Future

There is no time to wait until everyone understands what the future is for Flutter and starts learning somewhere. Hoping that someone will make cool courses, and after them we will be able to find developers is not our way. therefore we are in Surf decided to take the process into their own hands and make a Flutter course

We are at Surf one of the first in Russia to use the Flutter cross-platform technology to develop mobile applications. Flutter is developing very quickly – according to StackOverflow, this technology is already the ninth most popular technology, although it is only two years old. Development on Flutter is faster and cheaper, and applications are almost indistinguishable from native ones. The demand from customers is growing, and the number of Flutter developers in Russia is still negligible.

We are developing the Flutter community in Russia, we want to share our experience and learn something new. And of course we need good developers to our Flutter department

Our course is created by developers for developers. We focus on those issues and aspects of studying the platform that allow you to enter the topic as quickly as possible and start real practical tasks.

In the article, we talk in detail about the course, but here is a brief summary:

  • Flutter is useful and opens the door to new technology.
  • The basics can be learned in 4 months or less. The course consists of 9 blocks, 59 lessons and master classes on complex topics. For 48 lessons, we recorded quality lectures for about an hour each.
  • We put the emphasis on practice, because we are developers and we know what it takes to quickly learn a new platform.

Why Flutter

Flutter is only two years old, and large companies are not afraid to switch to it. We are at Surf have already done big projects… For example, applications for Rosbank, Rigla pharmacy chain and KFC. Flutter is actively developed by its creator – Google – and the process was not slowed down even by the coronavirus pandemic. The number of vacancies on the Upwork freelance exchange is also growing: demand has doubled in six months. On HeadHunter, demand has almost tripled compared to last year, but it seems that there are few vacancies so far: they are often hidden among the offers for native users – like “looking for an iOS / Android developer with experience in Flutter”.

We believe that Flutter has good prospects, and it is safe and profitable to switch to it now. You can be at the forefront of the development of a new technology and feel free to ask money for your experience. Low competition means higher stakes.

What knowledge will be useful for passing the course

Our course is designed for people who already know something about programming. We do not teach you how to program from scratch, we immerse you in the specifics of the Flutter cross-platform technology. The course is suitable both for those who are just thinking about the transition, and for those who are already developing applications on Flutter.

The first thematic block is devoted to the Dart language. We will pay special attention to its unique features. It is easier to understand and enter Flutter for those who already own any object-oriented programming language.

During the course, we will use the tools that are included in the familiar set of any modern developer. A great help is the ability to work in IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA or VS Code, the Git version control system. It will not hurt to understand the principles of writing clean code, SOLID.

You will dive into the processes that surround a mobile developer in a real project. For each layout task, you will receive a design in Figma, and to implement client-server interaction, you will be provided with a working server that sends data via HTTP.
If you do not know any of the above – no fear, we will help you figure it out. The course curators will advise on all issues and advise useful literature.

Who are the teachers

Our teachers are practitioners, not theorists. These are the people who work at Surf and develop Flutter apps every day. They themselves have learned from scratch and know the pitfalls and difficulties that can be faced. We put into the course all the practical experience of Surf, as well as our pains and problems that we have already overcome. The following will help you to master Flutter:

Evgeny Saturov Is a development team lead at Surf and a Flutter technical evangelist. Founder and Host the Flutter Dev Podcast.

Artem Zaitsev – Head of Flutter Department at Surf. Leads a podcast with Evgeny Saturov.

Mikhail Zotiev – Lead Flutter Developer at Surf. Writes articles and shares best practices with the Flutter community.

Backstage from the filming of video lessons: in the frame – Mikhail Zotiev, behind the scenes – Artyom Zaitsev

How, why and where did the guys come to Flutter, they told at the webinar “Flutter vs the technology you write on: what is the future for?”

How is the training going

We ourselves have taken courses more than once and we know that dry theory does not help to become a developer. Moreover, the theory is easy to find – Google has excellent documentation on Flutter. Practice is another matter. After part of the lessons of our course, you need to do your homework, the teacher will check it during the day. Only after checking the next lesson will open – it will not work. The exception is the first thematic block about the Dart language, in which lessons open in batches – several pieces at once.

Topics of lessons from the block about the Dart language

We don’t just review homework and point out mistakes. We share the best practices and explain the best way to solve the problem, tell you what difficulties in real projects alternative solutions lead to. If something is unclear or does not come out, you can ask for help from the teacher in the chat, or even agree personally to call for a detailed consultation.

Homework checking will take place on Github in code review format. One of the course mentors will go through each line of code and pay attention to specific bugs and shortcomings, the general coding style. We are not stingy with comments. The more comments you collect during our code review, the easier it will be later on real projects.

Homework option

At the beginning of the course, we will create a chat in Telegram. There you can meet teachers and other students. In the chat, we will discuss questions related to the course, and everything about Flutter. We will share vacancies for Flutter developers, fresh publications on platform updates with comments from leading experts, translations of interesting foreign articles, and practical cases on Flutter. We will create our own community.

How long does it take to study

The course is divided into 9 blocks, the complexity of the lessons within the block gradually increases. Details about the program can be read on the course page… There are no deadlines – you can learn at your own pace. True, it is more profitable to go along with the stream, because we will conduct master classes on the most popular topics. Chat conversations will also be more useful if you are studying the same block with other students. For experienced developers, we have prepared several additional lessons in the format of live master classes.

Almost all lessons contain video lectures. The duration of the lecture is an hour on average. We recorded all the lectures on high-quality equipment and did post-production processing. Everything is clearly visible and audible: you don’t have to disassemble and guess what exactly the lecturer said.

We expect students to spend an average of 3-5 hours per week to study the course. This way the entire course can be completed in 4 months. There are 48 lessons and 57 homework assignments in the course. Plus webinars and master classes – online discussion of theory and student questions. The webinars will take place on Friday evenings so that work issues do not interfere with the study.

What’s the output

Finally, you will write your first Flutter application. We have chosen the project so that you can work out and apply all the theoretical knowledge gained on the course. Each student will receive feedback and individual analysis of mistakes.

In addition to new knowledge and skills, at the end of the course you will have:

  • electronic certificate;
  • unlimited access to all course materials and updates on it;
  • network: chat with teachers and other students.

We are interested in expanding Surf Flutter Team and are ready to take the best students for internships with job opportunities. We have a high level of developers, so you need to try hard to get an internship and successfully complete it.

In case of successful completion of the course, we will connect HR specialists for career consultations, help to draw up a competent resume and arrange interviews with partners. We will give the necessary recommendations.

The course is now available with a special offer. Find out the price, read the details and sign up on our website. AND watch the teaser for the courses – on Youtube.

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