Surf at DartUP 2020

On December 4 – 5, the only Russian conference about Flutter and Dart in Russian – DartUp 2020 will be held. This is the main Flutter event of the year. You will find reports from well-known Russian and world speakers who will tell you about the Dart ecosystem and give practical advice and life hacks, as well as partner events.

We at Surf also participate in DartUp as partners and have prepared several moves. Participate in them to upgrade yourself and make the world of Flutter development better – like this, without registration (almost) and SMS.

What will happen? Let’s tell.

Is waiting for you:

  • Live code review of your repositories. It will be moderated by Artyom Zaitsev, Head of Flutter Department at Surf.
  • An opportunity to participate in the development of the Flutter community and make the world of Flutter development even cooler: suggest any ideas on how to improve the work with the framework.
  • Presentations from Flutter Teamlead Surf Zhenya Saturov and lead Flutter developer Misha Zotiev.
  • Lots of gifts and lots of communication.

And now in more detail …

Gathering ideas for Open Source

We at Surf contribute to the development of the Flutter community and invite you to join in. How?

Let’s think together what we can do for the Flutter development world. How to improve the work with the framework? What is missing? What can be done to make it easier, better and more convenient? What pains do Flutter developers have? Anything else you want to suggest? Any ideas are welcome. Send me!

We are implementing the five best deals within the SurfGear project. SurfGear is an open source set of libraries, standards, tools for Flutter development that we have been running for over a year.

We will randomly give away the Surf Merch among all the participants.

Live code review of your repositories

For young and experienced developers, the head of the Flutter development department at Surf Artyom Zaitsev, together with invited experts, will conduct a code review of your repositories.

If you want to get feedback or an outside view, please send your public, open source code for review. We will select some of the most interesting ones and conduct a code review session.


Gear up, speeding up Flutter development!

Evgeny Saturov, Flutter TeamLead Surf, active speaker and technical evangelist at Surf

Two years ago Flutter was just a hype technology with unclear prospects. The bets are made, and now there are several large projects, as well as a large repository with open source developments – SurfGear. SurfGear’s main mission is to speed up development and simplify common tasks. The report is an overview of solutions that will help you optimize the processes of your Flutter project.

Flutter under the hood

Mikhail Zotiev, Flutter-developer of Surf

Flutter internals report. The purpose of the report is to analyze the important aspects of the framework design that allow Flutter to be convenient and productive, and also to show how this knowledge can be used in development.
The report will be useful for both novice Flutter developers and those who want to better understand the aspects of the inner workings of this framework.

Participation and registration

When: December 4 and 5
Where: online

Send your suggestions, participate in the code review

Program and registration – on the official website of the event

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