Stop lying to yourself. I am middle and you need senior


HR-s have recently become more active and are actively hammering in with their proposals.

First, gentlemen, what goof my old resume with hh turned out to be with you? My data was apparently leaked to huntflow or somewhere else.

Second, can you read? I’m middle! middle! Or do you think I have low self-esteem? Am I a humble senior with only 5 years of experience? Yes, my resume says 2 years in golang. 2 years old, Karl!

Do you think I’m the host because you wanted to? I can be a presenter, except maybe weddings!


But again they wrote me a letter with the following content:

Alexey, I greet you! My name is M ****, I’m a recruiter. Couldn’t get past your profile. I am sure that I am not the first to write to you, but believe me, there are not many inspiring profiles in your location, so I will be very glad to meet you 🙂 I am now in search of a Golang developer. If you are now ready for career moves, I will be glad to discuss the position with you in more detail😊

If not, I will be glad to see your recommendations. I am sure that you may have someone worthy, but underestimated in their current place, in mind.

What do you think?

I decided. All the same, it is interesting how they evaluate me in the market (spoiler – nothing at all). When asked about experience, money minimum, I clearly answered:

More than 2 years of experience in Go (not always only Go, I also had PHP). Only 5 years in commercial development. I am in ***, considering relocation.

I am considering from 150 thousand rubles

150 like the norms of the price tag, clearly not a signor. Now my salary is 2 times less, but the work is so interesting that 150 is a real minimum, which I am ready to consider.

By the way, do you know how Senior HR differs from Middle? He will ask you about OOP. Yes, yes, it was a surprise for me too. However, do not be afraid, he does not know anything, you need to answer exactly the same as on his piece of paper … well, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance … well, abstraction is still written there. you have to guess three words out of four. A kind of quest, somewhat reminiscent of chinese room


So what? So I passed 3 interviews in large Russian companies, 3 refusals.

It is noteworthy that almost everywhere there was an architectural part) In general, it is interesting, but after a hard working day and an hour of discussing some theoretical things and solving problems, it is difficult to properly tune in to architecture. Or maybe because when I design a solution, I first search for similar cases in Google. Slowly, drawing diagrams, drinking coffee, constantly contacting interested parties to clarify the technical requirements. And then, with ready-made options, I go to the team lead. Architecture is such a thing, you can’t cut something out of the bay, you have to think it over. And when they put me in extreme conditions, I just endure and try to squeeze at least something out of myself …

This is me drawing the architecture of the new service in Miro.
This is me drawing the architecture of the new service in Miro.

But it turns out somehow sad. middle could not get to the position of middle. Maybe a really very weak employee, maybe, really, June or did not fit the requirements?


Yes, I understand the gradation between junior and middle is very blurry. But I will try to push off from the opposite:

  1. Is it true that “bad in architecture” == “June”?

  2. I wrote go services from scratch and supported current solutions, the maintainer on a number of projects is still June?

  3. I am considered a middle all 2.5 years of work, they want to be promoted to the host next year – June? (yes, for some reason they love in the company)

  4. I solve business problems on time, there is only one backend developer in my team (we have several teams). June?

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t succeed 4 times. I’m not June.

Didn’t fit the requirements?

Ok, let’s see the requirements for a vacancy in some abstract Russian large company X?

We are waiting for the team if you have:

1) 3+ years of experience in commercial software development.

Me: I have 5 years of commercial experience.

2) Knowledge of the Go language or a desire to switch to Go from C ++, Java, C #, Python, PHP, Ruby or other languages;

Me: I have been writing for 2 years in Go, 5 years in PHP. About slices, channels, goroutines, code synchronization told you what else?

3) Experience in building and applying service architecture;

Me: Oh, you won’t believe it, there is. We have a service architecture, a kubernetes cluster. Sometimes I look at 12 factor, read literature on Event-driven architecture and stuff like that. Do you have an understanding, something else?

4) Experience with PostgreSQL / MySQL, Redis;

Me: Everything is in the company, I use everything. I have mixed feelings about Postgres procedures, but I had to maintain and write new ones. For Redis, I even had to write a script somehow in Lua, it was necessary that certain actions were performed atomically. I know EXPLAIN, I use it, well, I understand the query execution plan is not very good, but if it is necessary to optimize queries, I will gladly break into this topic.

5) Using Unix, Git, understanding the principles of CI / CD;

Me: I use, my favorite OS at the moment is Ubuntu 20. I constantly tinker with all sorts of vps, I had a server in AWS, a server in Google cloud. Deploy all sorts of pet projects, used github actions. At work Gitlab CI. And at work, I write my pipelines and edit the current ones if necessary, I embed integration tests into CI.

6) Desire to constantly improve and learn new technologies.

I: “I have a mad desire”

Aren’t these middle requirements? Am I not the right fit?

By the way, company X. It’s a pleasure to design a solution where you initially set up long polling from a mobile application. There are actually websockets or SSE (Server Side Events).


Look, I’m middle, job requirements are middle. Answer – “Unfortunately, the company X still received a refusal, they said that it was a little short.”

The question is, what was missing from middle to position middle? (rhetorical)

And I don’t understand why you are making fun of yourself, the interviewers and the interviewees? Although, honestly, I’m funny. It’s you wasting the time of your team leaders on social security appointments, which are doomed in advance, and the team leaders themselves are very interesting and competent people, there is something to talk about with them.

But maybe you will stop deceiving yourself anyway) You need senior, and I – middle!

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