Spanish flea market: hard drives, monitor mounts and more

And again on a sunny Saturday, the clock is 9:30 am, which means it’s time to go in search of interesting things at the flea market. Why at a time like this? Because sellers only by this time completely lay out their goods, this is one, and two – the temperature after 11 is already approaching 40 degrees, so there is no time to search for interesting things.

Today I came across a lot of remarkable things, some of them I bought. A description of all this is under the cut.

It all starts with a couple of speakers, an amplifier (sort of like a car), a children’s camera.

Then I immediately come across a Toshiba Satellite (I did not recognize the model) with Windows XP on board. Looks good, both from a cosmetic and a practical point of view. I especially like the multimedia button block.

Then, next to me, I see a gaming (well, kind of gaming) mouse from Trustmaster and a regular wired mouse.

A little further, some kind of unpretentious film camera. Well, it looks very inexpensive. I came home, looked at her price at a local online flea market, it turned out not bad – from 25 to 150 euros, depending on the configuration (film, flash, etc.) and condition.

Then the video console Weechamp Extreme met. This is just an inexpensive thing. Looked at how much it costs on Amazon – it turned out you can buy for 14 euros (with shipping, yes)… Apparently, someone is trying to sell a completely unnecessary thing.

Moving on to the phones. This Qtek is simply the perfect communicator of its time. I had an S100, in an aluminum case, this is a thing, I can tell you. And this model is the next generation, with a physical keyboard, rear and front cameras, internet and a bunch of other things. Honestly, I like this form factor much more than modern “shovels”.

Filmstrip projector. I think this thing was extremely expensive at the time – it looks very cool. Manufacturing – Germany, sort of like Nünrberg. Stands on the table, the drawers of which are full of transparencies. If there was a place in the house, I would buy it. True, he did not ask the price. I think 20 to 50 euros.

The worker, according to the seller, is a smart TV. As for the worker, I would have doubted, most likely, the LED burned out and there is no image. Sells for 60 euros. I have the same one, at one time I bought it for 60 euros (it’s a coincidence, yes), repaired the backlight and still works, two years have passed. Wireless and wired, YouTube, everything.

Vape. All broken up into trash, but I think connoisseurs might find something useful.

Notebook Acer extenza 5630z, release of 2009. Not so ancient, in general, it can be used even now. You won’t watch YouTube too much, but as a typewriter or something else, a thread like that is quite.

Inside there is a dual-core Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200 2 x 2 GHz processor, an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD video chip. It weighs about 3 kg. At one time it cost 500 euros.

Some kind of ancient LCD TV. More precisely, not some, but Basic Line BLTFT23CL. I looked at how much it costs – for 20 euros you can buy a used one in working order at an online flea market. But such a gift is no longer needed, it is just huge.

Another TV, there are a lot of them today. The screen does not seem to be broken, but the seller says that the TV does not turn on. This can mean anything from no picture to a truly dead TV. That in the first, that in the latter case, the repair is not very difficult, but I already have 3 of them, and then I don’t want to bother with resale.

Cool drone UFO Defender, it even has LED lights. Why, really? You can’t really fly in the dark. But, overall, not bad. The seller wanted 10 euros for him. A new one in the store costs 70 euros. Not bad – if, of course, it is in working order (although it looks like it is).

A scattering of photo and video cameras. Someone sees something interesting?

Probably a transformer. I saw similar Soviet ones, in one case a Beryozka TV was connected to this. If, of course, if it is a transformer.

Four good TVs at once. You don’t have to go to the store 🙂

Telescope. I didn’t look at the model, but the case is very much dented. By the way, expensive models are often found in different conditions. But to understand the degree of efficiency, you need to be at least an amateur.

Monitor from Samsung – 24 inches, quite modern. Here the poet’s soul could not stand – I asked the price, bargained for 20 euros and bought it. But upon returning home, it turned out that the screen was damaged – outwardly it did not appear in any way, no stripes, no dark places. But when I turned it on, I saw a crack across the entire screen. At the same time, the seller assured that the monitor was working and that he had just removed it from the table at home. Yes, it happens, they deceive – the expectation that you will load it into the car and go to your pueblo nearby, and check it out when the flea market is over. I live nearby, so the seller had to return the money.

A few more old laptops and slightly newer tablets.

And this is the highlight of today, the Cintiq 24HD DTK-2400 graphics tablet.

  • Series: Cintiq
  • Monitor type: TFT (H-IPS) with a-Si active matrix
  • Screen diagonal: 24 ”
  • Resolution: 1920×1200 px
  • Grain size: 0.27mm
  • Color Depth: 16.7M Colors

It was released in 2011, and, probably, can be useful to designers, artists, architects now. Its cost on eBay is from 150 to 1000 euros even now. The seller wanted about 80 euros, I think he lost up to 50 euros. But the problem is that there is simply nowhere to store. However, if you are interested in its review, write it down in the comments. If there are many interested, I can buy and test it next Saturday.

After the tablet, I got such a simple robot dust suction. I think it is in working order. They ask for only 10 euros for him, he definitely costs this money – crumbs in the kitchen, animal hair, etc. will definitely remove.

I also came across such a desktop, the state of which I did not ask, to be honest. The specs are not bad for their time – a whopping 4 GB of DDR2 RAM, a 2.6 GHz processor, a GeForce 7100 video, and a terabyte hard drive.

A little more different things – is there something useful / interesting?

And I also came across such an interesting device – some kind of Philips VL1400 wireless analog video signal transmitter.

Well, now – about shopping

There are only three of them. The first is a trivial adapter with the ability to change the output voltage. I’ve already shown these, so it makes no sense. Reliable China, so to speak, has never failed.

The second is 40+ hard drives at once! 2.5-inch, and quite modern. The volume is up to 2 TB, mostly 500 MB. Manufacturers are different, including WD, Seagate, Toshiba. It is clear that no one gave guarantees of their performance, but I did not hope for anything. I bought all this for only 20 euros, considering that I was taking a lottery ticket.

And he played! Arriving home, it turned out that out of 40+ pieces of disks, 15 are conditionally working, that is, they are initialized, determined, formatted and then opened without any problems. I have not tested them in more detail.

Then about 20 pieces – not working, but with the possibility of recovery. Some do not initialize, so the problem may be in the board, and since I have the same models, I will try to rearrange the electronics and see if they start. There are those that try to initialize, but the system does not give for some reason. There are also a few more problems – I will deal with all this as much as possible.

And 9 more pieces are completely inoperative. These are the ones that creak, crack and make other very loud sounds. It is already clear here that most are physically damaged. No matter how much I tried to restore similar ones before with specialized software – there is no sense, a waste of time.

And one more jackpot is a bracket for three (optional – five) Arctic z3pro gen3 monitors at once. I managed to buy the system for only 8 euros, in a used condition, but with all the elements. The new one is worth a little more than 100 euros from the manufacturer

Most of all, I liked here not even that you can place three monitors at once, but that the base is simultaneously a USB docking station, with 4 USB 3.2 ports and an adapter for connecting mini-USB devices.

Simply gorgeous. Now I have a stand for 2 monitors on my desk, very reliable, but without any frills. Probably, I will muster my strength and put this new one – then all USBs will be at hand, and the brackets have a lot of degrees of freedom. There were even thoughts about buying a third monitor.

Well, that’s all for today! Don’t switch.

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