So what is the difference between rich and poor?

Disclaimer: The article bombards the USSR and praises capitalism. We do not recommend reading it to especially ardent communists.

One of the main problems of life in the USSR was the lack of one’s own choice, including the choice of a profession. A citizen of the Union, after graduating from school, went to a local institute or sharaga, often to a technical specialty, with which he was connected practically for the rest of his life. For decades he worked in the same profession, doing the same job every day. Of course, at factories, factories and other enterprises there was also career growth, allowing two dozen people out of thousands of workers to rise to high positions, but the bulk of people did not have such growth.

Work turned into a routine, there was no principle of motivation and development, the salary often did not imply the creation of savings. The most offensive thing is the last: here a man went to work at a plant, the state gave him an apartment and a permit to Crimea once a year, he worked there for 30, even 40 years, and by retirement he still has the same apartment, it’s good if he could save up for a car, which also not everywhere. At the same time, the gross product that a person has created over these decades has a very high value, which, alas, did not go to this person, to the general abstract good of the country. The problem with socialism is that it does not imply the presence of a state in a particular person. In fact, he simply uses it as a cog in his general mechanism: you worked for 40 years, made products for us, and you yourself will only get food so that you can work again tomorrow. This is partly where all this propaganda about a bright future, a super-great power, etc. came from. etc., in order to brainwash the people, to assure them that all their work is not in vain, and soon everything will be awesome so that there are no protests and indignations among the masses.

However, a separate article can be devoted to this, but now there is not much about something else. We live in the 21st century, in a completely different time. Everything has evolved, and I’m not just talking about technology. The economy has changed, opportunities have emerged. Our time has its drawbacks, but it is not a denied fact – there are more, much more opportunities.

However, the Soviet model of life is still widespread among the broad masses: school, university, work (necessarily for someone, but not for themselves), retirement, have arrived.

The very model of working for the left uncle is depressing. Labor in such a job is often devalued: you go to work on a strict schedule, work in 2/3 of each day, and get a very modest amount at the end. What do you need to do? Become the same left uncle! That is, open your own business and increase your capital, and not receive a strictly defined amount from your employer. Naturally, the development of your business is not an easy thing, you need to work hard, at first more than you worked hard at work for someone. Instability, the risk of ruin, but also only in the early stages. But there are many advantages, and the main one is financial well-being in case of success, the presence of a large equity capital, which will become your support and shield against many problems. Needless to say, by starting your own business you can do what you like! A person is not lazy by nature; circumstances make him lazy: an unloved job, an inconvenient schedule, a small pay, etc. Doing what you love, you will be happy to work at least 12 hours a day.

I address this post primarily to young people. Your life is still ahead, and there is time to try your hand at entrepreneurship. At least just try, well, at least once to open your own business, your business, and not to plow for tens of years for someone else’s uncle. Of course, all entrepreneurs cannot become, but you have probably heard the phrase “The difference between rich and poor is not in money, but in thinking.” With the exception of sad cases when a successful person fell into poverty for various reasons, the poor choose such a life for themselves. They are satisfied with their job, their salary. They prefer not to change for the better. If you want to do this, success will be yours. Good luck in your endeavors.

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