Smartphone Marketing Tricks. Where is there no progress?


Earlier in our blog discussedwhat modern smartphones are cool and how flexibly they can be used for geeky purposes. Perhaps, but today we’ll talk about the other side of the coin. It will be about practical application in daily tasks. We will talk about what they sell to us every year under the guise of new and where they hang noodles.

There is something to tell about, because for 2 months I choose to replace my LG G7 and I have not picked up anything.

How it all began

In the early 2000s, the first mass-market smartphones began to appear. We will omit all sorts of “Kulibin”, kilogram versions of the 90s. Let’s go straight to the Windows Mobile / Symbian market.

In those years, it was “wow”. You could not only make calls and send SMS, but also play games, take pictures and perform simple technical tasks. Stylus control added its own charm.

My first smartphone was Nokia 6630, a legendary device! There are only pleasant memories of using this gadget. The very first serious device in this niche, I had a Qtek 2020i communicator (version “i” was with wi-fi support).

When switching from ordinary monochrome dialers to color ones, and then to smartphones, I felt a significant advance in technology. Now, everything is different.

What has happened in the market over the past 5 years?

Marketing is everywhere. He touched the niche of mobile devices decently.
If earlier we observed a leap in development in almost every new model of smartphones (up to 2010), then in modern reality it is marking time. I will explain why.

From year to year we get faceless monoblocks with increased RAM and ROM. Multi-core and powerful processors that 70% of users do not need.
The photo and video segment is generally a pain. I closely follow the trend in this direction and, for 5 years, nothing significant has changed.

Purchased bloggers and reviews are in full swing promoting a brand new iPhone or android device with another 50-100 megapixel camera and 4-8k video recording. We ourselves see and know everything perfectly.

Every year, eminent brands release 3-5 models of various niches (flagship and budget). But there is no progress. I, as a user since 2006, clearly see the situation in people and understand that this is not my preconceived opinion.

Modern cameras, with their hyped and corn-based capabilities, often shoot worse than their predecessors. Nobody needs 8k and a deplorable 100 megapixels from a mobile phone. Some upscales and marketing.

Photos from modern smartphones are suitable, perhaps, for social networks, where they are consumed on the same smartphones with 6-7 inches. Opening them on a PC – pain and sadness. Maybe I’m very picky, but there is no “beauty” that is on the mobile. Yes, you can “pull” RAW or add effects, but this will no longer be about a mobile phone, where “pulled and removed”.
Samsung smears detail, xiaomi fills up colors, 80% of camera phones do not know how to automatically “at night” … but 108 megapixels and 8k video.

Famous brands started to screw up. A lot of rejects during assembly, crooked working shells (native). Even Apple is already losing face where the quality benchmark used to be. Even their photo is mediocre.

The explanation may be the captiousness of the modern user, but guys, since you are throwing us an assortment, be so kind as to give out quality.

“News from the fields”

So that’s it. I decided to change my LG G7 to something newer. As you could see earlier, I am a supporter of IPS matrices.

Yes, thanks to the IPS matrices, in my old years I will be able to distinguish – where is the grandson, and where is the granddaughter. People massively consume amoled / oled / polled matrix and say – “ok” to me. Even if you are ok now, your eyes will thank you later. Wild PWM (pulse width modulation) in the top flagships has not gone anywhere, but only increases.

Naturally, on the market in 2020 and on top-end hardware, there are only amoles or fierce China such as xiaomi, realmi and other oppos …

Desperate, I tried their devices, even bought one. True, like all xiaomi smarts, he did not stay at my house for more than a day. I handed over to the store and crossed myself. Buggy sensors, discarded displays, etc.

I will switch to amoled only if there are no offers on IPS.
Some acquaintances, after using smartphones for amoled, complained of eye pain. Many do not understand where this “charm” comes from. The developers of mobile matrices are enraged. On TVs, they manage to make ice matrices that do not cause such an effect, and on smartphones – “it will do just fine”.

You can independently measure the PWM level on your brand new iPhone or android device. Just turn on the camera of another device and point it at the white background of your smartphone, while dimming and brightening up. You will see these “cherished” stripes on the screen – this is the PWM, which is not visible to the naked eye.

If earlier PWM manifested itself at a brightness lower than 50-30% of amoled devices, now in flagships, the same Samsung, it “thrashes” at 70-90% of the backlight brightness.

You are fed a beautiful candy with a “wow” effect, which makes your “picture tube” sit down.

And what is better than amoled? Oh yeah! You can embed a print on the screen, make smartphones a couple of millimeters thinner and more energy efficient. “Deep” black has forgotten. Now put that on the balance of burnout for your display and your eyes.

In general, I am still similar with my “ski”.

What will happen next?

It will be the same further. From year to year, faceless monoblocks will be released, with 32 core processors and 64 GB of RAM.

Tell me, why would an ordinary user need 8-12GB of RAM in 2020? There, 4-6 years will be enough for another 5 years. Mobile gaming with serious AAA projects is the lot of schoolchildren who don’t buy premium solutions for themselves.

IPS-matrices will disappear for the “people hawala” colorful amoles. And why install long-term components? Petya has to change his phone number every year. More and more bent phones will be rolled out to the market. People who do not have time to play enough will be abandoned as VR in due time.

Drawing an analogy with PC gaming and hardware for this, mobile phones have a similar situation. Iron is more powerful, every year there are new “improvements”, and by eye the picture has not changed since 2015. Everything is 4k yes ray tracing.

Summing up

I want to note that I do not want to undo the achievements of smartphone developers in any way. Contactless payment, multitasking, video communication, high-speed Internet of mobile networks – all this is a plus! But this is so little, against the background of annual unnecessary things.

I think that for the majority I did not discover America, and everyone knew / guessed about the current state of affairs. It is simply that consumption forms the market. As long as the people “eat” what is openly trash-it will continue to be so.

Why am I so fiercely tackling IPS matrices? Yes, just by polls the same, it comes more to the people than amoled. We are not given a choice, that’s what is insulting. Xiaomi and others like them are trying to give an alternative, but not all of their level of quality is acceptable.

Take care of your health and don’t fall for marketing. Shop with a cool head.


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