Smart home according to the founder of Madrobots

I see a “smart home” not as housing stuffed with sensors and gadgets, but as a convenient system that relieves its owner from routine. For a decade of hobby for gadgets, I sifted through hundreds of devices and am ready to share a list of what I find really useful.


Smart lock Aqara Smart Door Lock. Opens by fingerprint, password, NFC tag and key. With this castle, family friends can go home in the absence of the owners. Powered by batteries that need to be changed approximately every 2 years.

Door and window opening sensor. Transmits data about opening the door to the “smart hub”. No surprises and good synergy with the smart lock: you will always know when the door has opened.

Living room

Xiaomi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner. He drives around the apartment and vacuums himself. The new model has a polisher function.

Robot floor polisher iRobot Braava 380T. He mops floors, knows how to do wet cleaning. A bit dumb, only works in conjunction with a nav cube. An updated Braava Jet has recently been released.

Upright vacuum cleaner Dyson V11. Objectively the best vacuum cleaner on the market. If the toad chokes, the V10 is marginally inferior.

Xgimi H2 projector. One of the best projectors on the market for your money. Gives a picture of about 100 inches. An updated H3 with higher contrast has recently been released.

MFP Brother DCP-L2520DWR. Simple and reliable. Printer and scanner. Works over Wi-Fi, prints directly from your smartphone. We got homework on WhatsApp from the teacher, immediately printed it out and gave it to the child.


Waste shredder InSinkErator. Installed in the sink, reduces waste by about a third.

Boiler faucet Grohe Red. Replaces conventional faucet and water filter. Provides boiling water from an 8-liter tank at any second, which speeds up the preparation of dishes and saves space that the kettle no longer takes.

An alternative to the boiler tap is any kettle with a thermo-pot function. For me, the main thing is not to wait for the water to boil.

Yandex.Station. Plays music, radio, allows you to set a timer. The larger version also connects to a TV via HDMI and can be used as a TV box.

Aqara Hub for smart devices. Allows you to add devices to the Mi Home app and control them from there

Aqara Cube Controller smart home control panel. Allows you to customize interaction scenarios through scenarios like “shake the cube” → “lights at the hub turned on.”

Bathroom and toilet

Smart toilet / bidet cover Xiaomi Smartmi Toilet Cover. Fits on almost any toilet. Main benefit: warm seat and lighting, you won’t miss the toilet at night. In addition, there is a bidet function.

Motion and light sensor Aqara Motion Sensor. Measures light levels and tracks movement. You can set up the automatic switching on of the light through the hub, indispensable for night trips to the bathroom. Note to the hostess: more motion sensors.


Charging station Aukey LC-A3. Simultaneously charges iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods.

Charger Baseus GaN 65W. Has 2 USB-C and 1 USB inputs. Allows you to charge your laptop, phone and another device.

Surge protector Zeoota PS016. Contains 5 AC outlets and 5 USB ports. There is no need to ask why so much: you yourself know that you will take everything, and this will not be enough. Since the filter is smart, you can now talk to it or disconnect it remotely.

Aroma diffuser Moodo. The diffuser mixes odors from the supplied cartridges. There are dozens of variations. Controlled from a smartphone, a romantic or relaxing atmosphere can be turned on with one button.

Smart scales Picooc S3… They work via Wi-Fi, analyze more than 10 body parameters. You need to get up on them in the morning, measure your weight and forget that something happened, and then at the end of the month get a report on how well the holidays went.


Air cleaner Venta LW25. Simple as 3 rubles. I poured water into a 7 liter tank and for a day you forget about it. Maintenance is elementary: you need to add a bottle of disinfectant along with the water and let the device work with it overnight (better not with children).

Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Measures, respectively, the temperature and humidity in the room. Combine with a humidifier and other smart devices to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Breezer Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier MJXFJ-300-G1. Cleans the air from carbon dioxide, dust, smog and other contaminants. A must-have for parents of children with allergies and asthmatics. An alternative to the breather from Xiaomi is the TION 3S model.

Bonus: Nanoleaf, interior lighting system. I don’t have such panels at home, but I’m a fan of them and at the first opportunity I’ll make myself a wall like in the photo. Already hung these in the Madrobots office and in our flagship store. Pleasing to the eye.

Recently Xiaomi released their version of similar panels, which are almost half the price of Nanoleaf. They will appear in wide sale closer to the middle of the year.

Summary table of all devices from the list. Where can you buy and how much it costs. I did not add Aliexpress, write in the comments if you need a price comparison for Chinese gadgets with Ali:

Aqara Smart Door Lock

Yandex Market

Up to 17 990 RUR

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Door / Window Sensors

Yandex Market

Up to 1200 r

Xiaomi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Yandex Market

Up to 39 990 RUR

iRobot Braava 380T

Yandex Market

Up to 17 800 rub

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V11

Yandex Market

Up to 55 490 r

Xgimi H2 projector

Yandex Market

Waste Shredder InSinkErator

Yandex Market

Up to 14 490 RUR

Boiler tap Grohe Red

online store Grohe

Up to 167 760 rub


Yandex Market

Up to 12 990 RUR

Aqara Hub for smart devices

Yandex Market

Up to 2990 rub

Aqara Cube Controller

Yandex Market

Up to 1090 r

Toilet Seat Cover Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Cover

Yandex Market

Up to 13 499 rub

Charging station Aukey LC-A3

Yandex Market

Up to 3 990 RUR

Baseus GaN Quick Travel Charger

Yandex Market

Up to 3 411 RUR

Surge protector Zeoota PS016

Yandex Market

Up to 2990 rub

Moodo smart aroma diffuser


12,990 RUR

Smart scales Picooc S3


7,990 rub

Air washer Venta LW25

Yandex Market

24 490 RUR

Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Yandex Market

1 270 RUR

Breezer Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier MJXFJ-300-G1

Yandex Market

Up to 43 900 RUR

Nanoleaf Aurora


14,990 rub

I’m sure there are not a bunch of useful devices in this list yet, I suggest you share your scripts and devices in the comments.

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