Signal Integrity Analysis in PADS Professional (6/6)

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This brings us to the end of our PADS Professional Signal Integrity Analysis Blitz Course.

In the final lesson, you will learn how to perform batch analysis and view the report results. You will then take the appropriate steps to resolve the crosstalk problem.

Lesson 6 – Batch Analysis of CAs

  1. From the START menu select PADS Pro Tools VX.2.x> PADS Pro Designer VX.2.x
  2. From the PADS Professional Designer start page, select File> Open and open:
    C: SI_Analysis Lesson6 PCB HandDrillAll.pcb
  3. Start HyperLynx by following step 3 of fourth lesson
  4. You will now run batch analysis on multiple nets to verify that they meet the Signal Integrity Crosstalk requirements. To select circuits, click the icon Select Nets by Name for SI Analysis
    1. select chains PHS-A-LG, PHS-B-LG, and PHS-C-LGwhile holding down the Ctrl… Make sure no other nets are selected. Click OKto exit Select Net.
  5. To run batch analysis, select Simulate SI> Run General Batch Wizard …
  6. Set the type of analysis you want to run:
    1. Overview Tab
      • Please select Run signal-integrity and crosstalk simulation on selected nets, Crosstalk and Run Quick analysis and crosstalk estimations on selected nets… Then press Next
    2. Nets tab
      • Since you have already selected the nets on the board itself that you want to simulate, select the option nets selected in board viewer… You should see three chains in
        right menu. Then press Next

    3. Quick Analysis Tab
      • Leave all the default settings. Change the parameter value Include aggressors greater than: on 160… Then press Next
    4. Terminator Wizard Tab
      • Leave all the default settings. Then press the button Next
    5. Simulation Settings Tab
      • Leave all the default settings. Then press the button Next
    6. Driver / Receiver Cases Tab
      • To select from the drop-down menu, click on the following cells
        1. For Driver select IC2
        2. For Receiver1 – Q4
        3. For Receiver2 – Q5
        4. For Receiver3 – Q6
      • Click Next
    7. Crosstalk Tab
      • Leave all settings as default. Then press the button Next
    8. Reporting Options / Audit Tab
      • Make sure is selected HTML report
      • Click Run
  7. Note that the PHS-C-LG circuit did not pass the crosstalk test. If you click on Fail, you will see that the total crosstalk has exceeded the maximum allowed value. Get out of HyperLynx Batch Mode Report and masters General Batch Wizardto return to the payment in HyperLynx. You will now make changes to fix the crosstalk issue.
  8. One of the reasons this circuit did not meet the crosstalk requirements was that the wrong driver was selected. Select an icon Assign Models on the toolbar.
  9. For pin IC2.35 change the used model by clicking the button Select … and select the following options:
    • Libraries: Generic_mod.ibs
    • Devices: generic
    • Signal: 16L8A: PLD
  10. Click OK to exit the dialogue Select IC Model then press Close
  11. Return to General Batch Wizard… All settings should remain the same, so press the button Run
  12. This time, all circuits were tested.
  13. This concludes the lesson. Close HyperLynx.

Materials for this and previous lessons can be downloaded HERE

You can also watch a video version of this tutorial:

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