Signal Integrity Analysis in PADS Professional (3/6)

It’s a new week, which means it’s time to publish yet another lesson in the HyperLynx Signal Integrity Analysis series included with the PADS Professional base license.

On previous In this lesson, you learned how to edit transmission lines and set up a PCB stack.

Today I will show you how to run a simulation for a selected circuit and take measurements with a digital oscilloscope.

Lesson 3 – Simulation with a Digital Oscilloscope

  1. From the START menu select PADS Pro Tools VX.2.x> PADS Pro Designer VX.2.x
  2. From the PADS Professional Designer start page, select File> Open and open:
    C: SI_Analysis Lesson3 HandDrillAll.prj
  3. Repeat steps 3-5 of first lesson for start PADS Professional HyperLynx LineSim
  4. If this message appears, select #… This will open HyperLynx LineSim
  5. To model the circuit, select Simulate SI> Run Interactive Simulation … will start Digital Oscilloscope
  6. Adjust settings to simulate at 400 MHz. See the picture below:
  7. Click Start Simulation
  8. To correctly fit the results into the oscilloscope window, click on the Fit View icon in the Zoom section on the right.

  9. To take measurements, select a waveform and measurement category at the bottom of the graph. Dropdown Waveform choose V [P16.1 (at pin)], and in the section Measurments choose Positive Overshoot
  10. In the work area of ​​the oscilloscope, you will see a 1.7 V surge for this signal.
  11. This concludes the lesson. Close HyperLynx and save the results

Materials for this and subsequent lessons can be downloaded HERE

You can also watch a video version of this tutorial:

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