Signal Integrity Analysis in PADS Professional (2/6)

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Welcome to the second lesson in PADS Professional Pre- and Post-Topology Analysis – LineSim Basics.

On first In this lesson, you learned how to export nets from a schematic to HyperLynx LineSim and assign models to the driver and receiver.

In today’s tutorial, I will cover some of the core functionality of PADS Professional HyperLynx LineSim, such as editing a transmission line and board stack.

Lesson 2 – LineSim Basics

  1. From the START menu select PADS Pro Tools VX.2.x> PADS Pro Designer VX.2.x
  2. From the PADS Professional Designer start page, select File> Open and open:
    C: SI_Analysis Lesson2 HandDrillAll.prj
  3. Repeat steps 3-5 of first lesson for start PADS Professional HyperLynx LineSim
  4. If this message appears, select #… This will open HyperLynx LineSim
  5. Double click on the transmission line TL4 to edit it.
    1. make sure you simulate the transmission line type Uncoupled Stackup
    2. go to tab Values and change the length to 4.5 inch… Notice how the electrical properties change (right) as the route properties change.
    3. click OK to exit the dialogue Edit Transmission Line
  6. Now let’s open the board’s stack settings. Please select Setup> Stackup> Stackup Manager …
  7. In the Stackup Manager, select Edit … for start Stackup Editor
  8. Adjust target impedance values ​​for calculating wire width
    1. click on tab Z0 Planning
    2. for layer SIGNAL_4, change the value in the column Target Z0 ohm from 75 to 65… Notice the change in the value in the column Width
    3. click Applythen Close to apply settings
    4. click Close in the window Stackup Manager
  9. This concludes the lesson. Close HyperLynx and save the results

Materials for this and subsequent lessons can be downloaded HERE

You can also watch a video version of this tutorial:

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