SIBUR’s digital accelerator – applications are accepted until April 23


With the support of GenerationS, a platform for the development of corporate innovation, in SIBUR we launched digital acceleratordesigned to help startups go all the way from MVP to final product in cooperation with us. We have a number of digital initiatives and we need external teams ready to implement them.

What is on our side? We will pay the most successful startups for pilots (up to 0.5 million rubles each) to bring the MVP to mind. Actually, we will help you to finish it in 3 months together with our experts. And then we will present certain solutions (and teams) to the SIBUR management at a demo day in order to scale the product in the future. We guarantee each project tracker support and the opportunity to gain industry expertise.

If your MVP successfully passes the pilot test, you can form a partnership with SIBUR.

All 10 directions of the accelerator, requirements for participants and other formalities are under the cut.

Disclaimer: Our accelerator is not “classic” in its understanding – given the required speed of solving problems, we have changed the standard approach to participation in corporate accelerators:

  1. The block on “project packaging”, which provides for working with an investment and business model, training and a number of other mandatory procedures, has been excluded. This will be an advantage for mature startups with off-the-shelf products and an already running business.

  2. For all 3 months of development, we will focus on improving your existing solutions for the tasks of the functional areas of SIBUR. The main business value or value for their startup that participants will receive is the possibility of paid revision of their product (up to 500 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the revisions) under the corporate requirements of the largest petrochemical company together with functional customers.

  3. The format of our accelerator is an industrial partnership: flexibility and application of Agile principles in the implementation of pilot projects together with selected teams. We hope that such practical experience will help startups not only better understand the requirements for the product (in terms of functionality, information security, etc.), which are mandatory for large industrial companies, but also apply in the future the knowledge gained when working with other large companies in the market.

  4. In case of successful piloting, you will find a “green light” and a fast track with simplification of the mandatory procedures when scaling the instrument to the enterprises of the SIBUR group. It is much faster and more efficient than if you came to the company without participating in a corporate accelerator.

Whom do we take

To participate in the accelerator, you need to be:

  • A technology team that already has a developed product or technology

  • A company that develops new technologies

  • Startup

It is important that you have a development team able to tailor your product based on the user experience and the specifics of our industry. So, relevant experience in solving problems in the areas of the accelerator is also needed.

And here are the directions.

Gamification in corporate training

You have probably taken various training courses in your work. We would like to make the training track really interesting and useful, and not something that a person performs at the last moment after 10 reminders in the mail. Here you will need to create game mechanics that will develop the employee’s digital profile – based on the results of his tests, completed courses and webinars, and solved problems. It will be great if this gamification can be integrated into the current personal account of an employee who is already in SIBUR.

Analysis of contracts

Legal due diligence of contracts can be automated. Within reasonable limits. For example, for compliance with the necessary conditions of the contract and checklists, for finding disagreements in conditions, both semantic and stylistic. Here – the issuance of reports in the form of a table or text.


Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of personnel, it would be desirable to conduct it in an online format, not only automating the entire assessment cycle, but also to give recommendations on the development of the necessary competencies. As a result, you want to see a web application or separate software.

Online constructor of corporate documents

Different participants upload some unstructured content to the common space. From it, you need to use AI to form a single document, brought to the template from the brand book. You can form such a document from uploaded presentations. The built-in library of templates and themes will come in handy.

Remote instruction system

We have a number of trainings that you want to conduct remotely on the employee’s device – on labor protection and industrial safety. It is necessary to implement the identification of the results of each employee in the “Pass – Not Pass” format, and store the information in order to issue passes in accordance with the courses passed.

Meeting Planner Robot

If you made appointments with colleagues through your work Outlook, then remember what it feels like to look for convenient slots there for everyone at once. Even with a planner. Here I would like to create the ability to automatically select time slots depending on the busyness of colleagues with pre-filling the meeting in our corporate template. Implement in the format of a web application that adequately works through a browser and from a mobile device. There is no need to make a standalone mobile application. By the way, you can do it in the add-in format for Outlook, if you manage to implement everything like this.

System for tracking student learning status

Students are trained both at the university and participate in various hackathons, webinars and competitions organized by companies in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to structure the data for all educational outcomes. And then create a digital student profile. I would like to see the rating and be able to upload. It might make sense to do it in CRM format, but that’s up to you.

Employee potential identification system

Creation of a target profile of an employee (a set of his qualities and competencies), identification on the basis of this profile of the employee’s potential – issuing recommendations for their development. You can also do it in the form of a CRM.

Online team session builder

At the request of the leaders, it is necessary to automatically form ready-made programs for team sessions, based on the goals, tasks, the number of participants and the format of the event. You will need to use typical elements: frameworks, techniques and tools of facilitation and moderation. It can be made as an online service or as a platform for integration into existing services.

Tool for analyzing the reasons for employee dismissal

Formation of statistics and analytics on layoffs based on the analysis of exit interviews. The employee fills out a questionnaire indicating the reasons, and the HR receives a notification with a proposal to conduct an exit interview. Here, too, CRM mechanics is possible, or you can make a robot that will collect questionnaires and schedule interviews.


The same demo day with the presentation of your project to the management will take place on September 24, 2021. And before it, the schedule is as follows:

  • until April 23 we collecting your applications to participate,

  • until May 31, their examination is carried out,

  • June 1 – selection of projects,

  • From June 2 to September 6 – acceleration program.

And a little more formalities

Perhaps you already have an almost finished project in our areas, and part of the information under the NDA. In this case, when applying for participation, be sure to take this into account – send us only those product information that you can show in open presentations.

If you have two projects and want to participate with each in order to check the chances – just create on the site second profile and submit another application.

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