shopping at a Sunday flea market near Valencia

Then there were several network devices neatly lined up by the seller. Such devices are thrown away simply by centners – at flea markets there is always a dominance of both new, in packaging, and old devices of this type.

There is also something more interesting.

And yes, I also managed to purchase Tienda AV1000 – this is a network device that allows you to provide Internet communication over an electrical home network. In a room with a router, you turn on one part, you need to connect it with an Ethernet cable. In another room there is a second device, this is an access point to which devices can be connected both via cable and via WiFi.

I currently live in a house that is not well-configured for installing repeater points. In order to “finish off” from the Internet entry point to the house to one of the rooms, I had to install 2 repeaters. The quality of communication is mediocre.

In general, when I saw this kit at a flea market, I decided to buy it. They sold it to me for 5 euros, so I thought it was a good purchase. But when I came home, connected both devices, it turned out that the access point did not turn on. In general, I roughly imagined what happened – I already had to “treat” wireless access points. In all cases, it turned out that one or a couple of electrolytic capacitors were swollen (this despite the fact that the service life of some of these devices was very short).

So it turned out here too – I opened it and almost immediately saw that the 720 mF capacitor was swollen. I found an analogue (I took it out of a non-working power supply for a macbook, which was definitely beyond repair), replaced the problematic one. And – everything worked. Sometimes, however, there are moments when both modules “lose” each other. But this is infrequent, so 99% of the time at home I now have fast and stable Internet, which I am very happy about. There is less e-waste, and the quality of the Internet in a single household has improved. Double win, no less.

So, okay, I got carried away. Let’s go back to the flea market. There were quite a few audio and video devices there this Sunday, vintage of course.

And also – here is such a guitar amp, just huge. The seller said that everything works and asked for 50 euros for it. But I don’t really need it, so I didn’t buy it. But I took a picture – maybe someone knows this model.

And here’s another combo.

Also, this speaker (seemingly), which looks very cool, with its own suitcase, upholstered in velvet and other accessories. The instruction shows the model of the device, but I did not find any information about it on the Internet.

As usual, I saw several musical instruments. For example.

And here is another tool, with its own case. To be honest, I’m lost, not understanding what it is.

Possibly a stringed instrument with one or two pegs, which are lost. In addition, everything is ok with him, no cracks, no other problems.

Then I caught the eye of such a mountain of motherboards.

Another board is in the box, with documents and a CD.

Plus the cooling system, like liquid.

And an external drive from IBM – it does not have a USB connection, some other connector.

Then came a series of photo and video cameras.

Naturally, not without keyboards.

Well, and more – all sorts of copters, helicopters, cars and remote controls for them.

What did I buy?

As is already clear from the title, we managed to purchase the Sega Master System II, and with two controllers in excellent condition, which was rare for consoles of that time. Unfortunately, there is no cable to connect to the TV. I ordered one on Ali, plus I bought a cartridge for the console on the cheap to check its performance. I connected the LBP – it seems to turn on, the current consumption is about 350 mA, which is quite normal for this system.

So you have to wait for the parcel from Ali, without a cable, you probably won’t be able to check the performance. Or maybe someone knows a way? This model has a regular RF cable for connecting to the antenna input, the connector is not a “lobe”.

Acquired some more original and not very controllers for PS1 and PS2, which I purchased earlier. I managed to buy for 2-3 euros apiece, everything is in working order and not even very shabby, which is surprising.

Oh, and also bought a couple of Nintendo DS Lights. As it turned out, they do not charge and do not turn on. Most likely, one part responsible for charging failed, this is a typical problem for DS and DS Light. So I’ll check it out in a couple of days.

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The last thing I bought was two discs for PS2, Black Ops III and Uncharted 4. They sold them to me for 3 euros apiece, which is very normal with an average price for discs for this console of 15 euros (used).

Well, that’s all for today, don’t switch!

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