Shining Einscan Pro HD 3D Scanner Review

In a new review, we talk about a professional hand-held 3D scanner Shining Einscan Pro HD. The device is several times cheaper than American and European counterparts, but it is at the same quality level with them.

Read the review to see the benefits and learn about the capabilities of the Shining Einscan Pro HD handheld 3D scanner.

About Shining 3D

Shining 3D is a successful experienced manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D scanners. Since 2004, Shining 3D has been developing its own ecosystem, consisting of equipment, printed materials and a cloud storage service. The company was one of the first in the world to offer users such a set of tools. Basically, the company produces equipment for professionals, but by 2020 the catalog also contains equipment designed for 3D technology enthusiasts.

An important advantage of any Shining 3D technique is its low price in comparison with its Western counterparts and excellent functionality.


Shining 3D currently holds a strong position in the global market. Specialists of the Chinese company participate in projects in the field of medicine, art and, of course, engineering with leading European and American organizations. To maintain contacts with foreign partners, Shining 3D representative offices were established in Stuttgart (Germany) and in San Francisco (California).

Specifications Shining Einscan Pro HD



The Einscan Pro HD Professional 3D Scanner is a new product introduced in the summer of 2020. Externally, the device resembles past models in the Einscan Pro line. This is due to the quality of workmanship and excellent ergonomics of the equipment. In addition, a proprietary tripod has been developed for the Einscan Pro scanners. And if it was purchased for an old model, it can be used with a new one.

The weight of the Shining Einscan Pro HD along with the USB cable is 1.13 kg. The scanner is convenient to control with one hand. If necessary, Einscan Pro HD can be mounted on a tripod and connected to a corporate turntable, which is designed to digitize small objects.


A professional scanner provides high digitization accuracy in both manual and static mode: up to 0.045 mm and 0.04 mm, respectively. In manual mode, the user can select fast or high-precision scanning mode. The maximum digitizing speed of the Shining Einscan Pro HD is 3 million dots / second. If we ignore the characteristics and pay attention to real indicators, it turns out that the Shining Einscan Pro HD is really very fast. For example, a user will need less than 1 min to digitize a color bas-relief with dimensions of 220×71 cm.


Shining Einscan Pro HD is designed to scan various types of objects. The most obvious category is volumetric objects. The quality of the optical system and software is such that a professional 3D scanner can easily recognize dark matte surfaces. However, to digitize objects with a glossy surface or from with a transparent body, a matting spray must be applied to the surface. Ein Scan Pro HD is allowed to be used outdoors, but in this case, the scanned object must be protected from direct sunlight. Shining Einscan Pro HD is also designed to receive 3D images of a person, and the quality of the received scans is very high. Finally, the device allows you to scan objects in color, including images. However, this is an optional functionality; to obtain color scans, you must connect an external Color Pack module.


For many, if not most users, the key benefit of Shining Einscan Pro HD will be the price. The specifications and ergonomics of a professional Chinese-made scanner are comparable to their Western counterparts, but the cost of the Einscan Pro HD is several times lower. Even after purchasing external modules and additional equipment, the professional Shining 3D scanner competes in price with Russian rather than American devices, surpassing the latter in terms of accessibility.

Contents of delivery

The Shining Einscan Pro HD professional 3D scanner comes pre-assembled, so the box contains a power cable, a calibration board with a stand, a set of markers and a USB flash drive with software in the box.

Preparation for work

In terms of user experience, the Shining Einscan Pro HD handheld 3D scanner resembles a gadget that can be used out of the box. Before turning it on for the first time after a long transport of the device or after an unplanned shutdown, the scanner must be calibrated. But even an inexperienced specialist can easily do this job.

You need to run the Exscan Pro proprietary application on the computer. Select calibration mode. Put the calibration board on a horizontal surface – scan. Then sequentially scan the board installed in two positions on the stand. To calibrate the color module, place the board on a horizontal surface with the back side up and wait for the scanner to adjust the white balance.


To use all the features of the Shining Einscan Pro HD handheld 3D scanner, there are two applications. The Exscan Pro program is designed to calibrate the device, scan objects with and without markers. The second application, Solid Edge SHINING 3D, is an adapted development from Siemens. In this software, the user translates a polygonal 3D model into CAD to create a generative design and to prepare files for printing on a 3D printer.

Consumables & Accessories


The main method of using Shining Einscan Pro HD is manual mode. In the basic configuration, the scanner is designed to obtain a monochrome image. To create color 3D models, you must use the external Color Pack module, and for automation when scanning small objects – setconsisting of a tripod and turntable. In addition, for the digitization of large objects with a low contrast color, it is recommended to use branded tags.

Shining Einscan Pro HD Examples


The professional 3D-scanner Shining Einscan Pro HD was announced in June 2020, so at the time of writing this article has not yet appeared information on examples of practical use of the model. Only data on pilot projects carried out within the walls of Shining 3D is available. These are the results of scanning various objects, presented in the format of 3D models, uploaded to the manufacturer’s page on


Comparison of Shining Einscan Pro HD and Artec Eva Lite


Russian counterpart, professional 3D scanner Artec Eva Lite competes with the Shining Einscan Pro HD in price. The domestic device, designed to operate in manual mode, is adapted, inter alia, to obtain a scan of the human body. If you compare the two models, you can see that the Chinese scanner is thought out to the smallest detail. And it surpasses the Russian counterpart in performance. For example, the scanning accuracy of Eva Lite is 100 microns, and Einscan Pro HD is 40 microns. The Russian scanner is not designed to create color images, nor is it intended for working with tags.

Although the Eva Lite scanner is slightly lighter than the Einscan Pro HD, the ergonomics of the Russian device leaves much to be desired. In particular, the handle is too large, which can cause discomfort during use in people with short fingers. And since the position of the handle relative to the center of mass is very controversial, difficulties may arise with scanning large objects.

When choosing from these two price-compatible scanners, we recommend the Einscan Pro HD.

Compare the main parameters:

Pros and cons

To summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of Shining Einscan Pro HD.


  • A manufacturer known for the reliability of its products;
  • Price;
  • High speed;
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • High accuracy.


  • Color scanning is available with an optional module.



Hand-held professional 3D scanner Shining Einscan Pro HD is an excellent example of modern high-precision technology with a moderate price tag. It is convenient to use, the device’s functionality covers all the standard needs of professionals in various fields of industry. Especially for users of Einscan Pro HD, effective software has been created, with the help of which objects are scanned and the subsequent processing of CAD models. In practice, experts will appreciate the ergonomics of the scanner and the high speed of operation. Obtaining an image with the texture of a large object in a matter of minutes – this is exactly what you expect from a professional scanner in 2020.

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