Seven Smart Sports Gadgets: How to Lead an Active Life in 2021

The fiery year 2020 convincingly showed how valuable the opportunity to freely go out and play sports outside of four walls is. This spring is the moment to catch up. There are fitness enthusiasts at Madrobots who go out to run even in the rain. We do not urge you to follow their example, but we will gladly tell you what gadgets we use to lead an active life.

Smart watches Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite RU

  • Track heart rate, sleep and GPS location

  • Waterproof, you can swim with them

  • 11 training modes

  • Price: 4490 p. 4041 p. with a discount by promo code

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Is at the same time a democratic and high-tech smartwatch for a user who is no longer satisfied with a fitness bracelet. Mi Watch Lite tracks 11 types of workouts, including swimming, and does not deteriorate in the water. You do not need to take your smartphone with you for a run, since the watch determines geolocation using GPS and Glonass. Plus, the look of the gadget is easy to change for yourself: attach another bracelet and customize widgets with watch faces that are clearly visible on the large, 1.4-inch display. The battery lasts for 9 days of normal use and for 10 hours of continuous satellite tracking. Enough for two or three marathons, or a week of preparation for it.

Breathing trainer O2IN

  • trains the respiratory muscles

  • increases lung volume

  • increases the efficiency of training

  • Price: 5850 p. 5265 p. with a discount by promo code

Breathing trainer O2IN resembles a minimalist harmonica. You need to “play” on it for 10–20 minutes a day in order to properly train the respiratory muscles. The device creates resistance that must be overcome, that is, “pump” the muscles like dumbbells. The developers assure that it is breathing training that increases the duration of the distance that the athlete runs and shortens the warm-up. This is due to the fact that he inhales and consumes more oxygen. Breathing correctly does help with races; Incorporate O2IN into your workouts and experience the difference.

Smart scales Picooc Mini Pro V2 with a set of fitness bands

  • determine 15 body parameters in 3 seconds

  • the app indicates how to reach and maintain the target weight

  • in a set of fitness bands with a set of exercises

  • Price: 4490 p. 4041 p. with a discount by promo code

Smart scales Picooc Mini Pro V2 know exactly how to achieve the desired fitness in a healthy way. The scale analyzes body composition using bioimpedance sensors and smart algorithms that take into account gender, height, origin and age. Based on this data, the Picooc app compiles and updates personalized activity, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

This is a second generation model with an expanded set of metrics – pulse, tone and body balance have been added to the list. And for this you do not have to leave the platform of the scales. Conveniently!

The scale includes a set of 3 fitness bands and video workouts as a gift. That is, you can first get advice, and then immediately implement them.

Tangram Smart Rope Rookie

  • counts jumps and calories

  • length 317 cm, adjustable

  • smooth rotation

  • Price: 3590 p. 3231 p. with a discount by promo code

The future has come, and even the ropes have grown wiser in it. Tangram Smart Rope Rookie equipped with magnetic sensors and counts the number of jumps, their duration, and calorie consumption. All these indicators can be viewed in the rope application. The rope is adjustable in length and is suitable for people up to two meters tall. And requires a CR2032 hour battery to operate.

AfterShokz OpenMove Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

  • transmit sound by vibration, leave ears open

  • Titanium case with a comfortable fit

  • degree of protection against water IP55

  • Price: 8490 p. 7641 p. with a discount by promo code

It is important for cyclists and runners to keep their ears open to stay alert when outdoors. Headphones AfterShokz OpenMove take into account this need and transmit sound waves by vibration through the skull, without interfering with hearing passing cars and shouts of passers-by. You can listen to music and talk on the phone through headphones. OpenMove is splash-proof and rainproof. The model has a comfortable fit, the arc does not fly off the head on sharp turns.

Bose Sport Earbuds Wireless Sports Headphones

  • realistic sound

  • lightweight and almost invisible when worn

  • touch control

  • Price: 18,990 p. 17091 p. with a discount by promo code

These are headphones for athletes-music lovers who can’t imagine training without music. Fully wireless Bose sport earbuds sit in your ears tightly and imperceptibly, you can forget that they are there at all. If not for the sound: these are loud headphones that sound realistic and clear. They know how to work as a headset for calls, are not afraid of sweat and moisture, and the charge lasts for 5 hours.

Smart Chess Square Off Grand Kingdom Set

  • automated chess board

  • you can play over the internet with a person

  • can be played against the AI ​​board

  • rosewood trim

  • Price: 69,990 p. 62,991 p. with a discount by promo code

Chess board Square off grand kingdom set itself moves the figures on its surface. The revived pawns seem to be enchanted, but this is just automatic. The real magic lies in the artificial intelligence that controls their smooth running and plays against the owner on 20 difficulty levels. If you do not want to test the machine, you can find a human opponent on the Internet who would play on the board remotely, through the application, or by connecting a second one of the same board.

What’s the best way to go in for sports – buy a gym membership and forget about it after a couple of workouts? We believe it is best to invest in sports gadgets and use them whenever and wherever it is convenient. For a smart trainer in a scale or watch, no quarantine will prevent you from working out with you. Or don’t go with advice if you don’t want to train today.

For Habr users, there is a 10% discount for all sports gadgets from the selection with a promotional code SPORTHABR21… What fitness equipment do you use? Share in the comments!

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