Seven known to all unpleasant rules of life, which few consider

If you do not succeed, life will seem unfair

We live by complex rules. Moreover, these rules are different.

There are fundamental principles that guide the most productive people, and in their case they work – but you may find it uncomfortable and unpleasant. Nevertheless, it is useful to know about them – more precisely, it is important to know what works for those who achieve success.

Most people have not been able to master these principles – therefore, they do the same thing over and over, but expect that for some reason the result will be different. “Madness!” – would say Einstein.

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1. Life is a competition in which, however, there is no single definition of victory.

This is true – and really unpleasant. We are all trying to make our way and win in a challenging game called life.

Everyone is competing – because we are fighting for the same thing: for money, status, recognition, possession of another fashionable thing, etc.

How do you make a living? But at this moment someone is working on how to automate your work. Do you want this highly paid job or a major contract? Someone else wants this too.

“People dress beautifully to attract a partner. Being interviewed to get a job. If you deny the existence of competition, you lose. Everything that is in demand becomes a subject of competition. And the best goes only to those who are ready to really fight, “- approves Oliver Amberton, founder of Silktide, writer, artist, pianist and developer.

Generally speaking, you need to compete with yourself: to become better, to be a more perfect version of yourself. Such a competition is the healthiest: your victory does not become someone else’s loss.

Set the bar for yourself. Direct your competitive energy to meet your own standards and expectations. Take control of your life.

The benefit of modern civilization is that you can get what you want in a variety of ways – if you are ready for the troubles that will certainly be on the way: disappointment, failure, lack of progress and even a rollback.

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2. The reward is determined by the number of people you can influence.

In real life, it’s not so important what you think as what you do — that is what brings the result. The world does not judge by what you think, but by the actions you take and the risks you take.

If you write a book but don’t publish it, no one will care. But if you post it on the Internet, and even better – publish it, then someone will definitely want to know what you are talking about.

Cancer researchers get less rewards than supermodels. Remuneration of the seller depends on the number of people who have become customers.

Venture capitalists notice startups that attract more attention and followers.

Our game called life is based on numbers.

3. Successful people combine skills

Life is the constant development of a combination of skills. Studied today relevant skills can be used not only tomorrow – they will remain useful until the end of life.

What led you to where you are now may not lead you to where you want to be tomorrow. Do not try to master one skill to perfection – develop a combination of skills.

Learn new skills that are not even directly related to each other, and then combine them and increase your own effectiveness and significance.

Tim Herrera from The New York Times explains:

“The point is not to focus on achieving the highest mastery in a particular skill or task, but to strive to master several related skills and combine them into a wider set of skills that will allow you to achieve greater success in a particular profession or in life in general “

People with a specific skill are many. But combinations of skills are less common.

If you want to increase your value in the market, take a step away from what you are doing especially well, and start building on this basis a wider combination of skills.

The amount of time devoted to learning a new skill that aroused your interest can pay off – and the new skill will be useful until the end of your life. On the other hand, reluctance to master key skills can have a lasting impact on a career.

4. Life is a long game, and how long you last, the chosen strategy determines

Death overtakes the participants of the game called “life” after about 29,000 days, or 80 years.

Decisions made daily determine which person you will eventually become: happy, healthy, satisfied – or unhappy. If you follow the right principles at every stage of your life, you can hold out a little longer.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to choose the right strategy, because most of us do not have too many resources by the time we “understand life”. Nevertheless, it is never too late to start following the chosen principles with such persistence, as if life depends on them – all the more so as it is.

5. To be happy means to be responsible for what is happening in life.

“You need to work on happiness yourself. You can’t give anyone so much power over your own life, ”says Mandy Hale, a blogger, author of the bestselling New York Times, speaker and leader of the social media movement.

If you expect someone else to make you happy, you will surely be disappointed. To be responsible means not to blame others for your misfortune.

The most important thing you need to know about happiness: it is much more dependent on the worldview than on goals or external circumstances.

Do not expect that another person, work or an external factor will make you happy – look at relationships and (or) work as what gives your happiness an outlet and think about how to share it even more.

Everything that is outside of you can help you become better, but nothing outside will become a source of happiness.

6. If you expect others to help you enjoy life – you were born in the wrong world

We all want to enjoy life as a whole, and not just some part of it. Do not expect a sudden fullness of life.

Enjoy the little joys that you meet. Pay attention to simple events in life – because they provide great relief.

Enjoying life is not only a one-time vacation or some kind of bonus. There is much more to life than short-lived moments of dormancy and dopamine release. You must strive to appreciate the moments that you usually do not notice – they are able to bring joy constantly. True happiness consists in learning to appreciate small joys.

The way we spend our days determines the way we spend our lives. The habit of getting even a little pleasure from the little things can change your life.

I will cite the suggestive words of Brian Crans, who urges us to leave time for ourselves, our relationships and what worries us:

“Yes? Have you ever been happy? What significant have you done today? Did you exist or live? Have you succeeded? Learn to be a chameleon everywhere. Be a rock star – always stand out. Do not do anything – do everything. Forget everything – remember everyone. Caring sincerely – don’t pretend. Listen to everyone. Love everyone and nothing at the same time. It’s impossible to be everything, but you can’t stop trying to do it all. ”

7. Life is not a sprint or a marathon – it is a maze

Stop taking life as a sprint.

Stop thinking that you can make a lot of effort and quickly achieve the desired finish line – love the process itself and pave the way to the top.

In real life there are no road signs and straight lines – there is only a maze of infinite possibilities: some roads, like some professions, will take five times as long, others – like some relationships – will end in a dead end.

There are many opportunities, challenges and questions in this maze. It is influenced by a huge number of external factors – both positive and negative.

And since this is a maze, we will surely get lost and will have to look for the right path. And so it turns out: no matter what, stubbornly looking for the right path is a hallmark of successful people.

There are only two ways to go through life: you either move forward when possible, or step back, review your possibilities and try something else.

The worst mistake many make is too long stomp: you get stuck, refuse to think, give up and stop living. Remember: if you’re stuck, there’s always a way out – it’s just you for now they did not find him.

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