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Keyboards are a tool that we use every day for many hours. The best keyboard is the one you don’t notice while working. Yes, it can be very beautiful in terms of design, but the main criterion is ergonomics and ease of use.

Many of us like mechanical keyboards, some out of habit, some are more comfortable working with them. In general, this is a matter of taste. Many representatives of the “mechanics” family are a real work of art, from which you can neither add nor take away. But every month new systems appear – and some of them are quite worthy. In this collection (there is one more) – just recently released models, which I would like to talk about. If you suddenly tested one of these models, write down in the comments how you like it.

Wooting Two HE

This is a mechanical gaming keyboard that many gamers will love. The fact is that, judging by the reviews, it is reliable, convenient, plus each button has an individual backlight. The device has analog switches that can be configured. Namely, you can specify what actions to perform at a certain pressure. This opportunity is provided by a magnetic system – the software monitors the degree of proximity of the button to the surface thanks to the built-in magnets.

Switches are the main feature of this keyboard. This is the Lekker Linear60 from Gateron. In short, in addition to determining the degree of depression, they are quite convenient. Buttons allow you to both work and play. While this is a gaming keyboard, copywriters, developers and other keyboard workers will appreciate the comfort of the Wooting Two HE.

The keyboard has its own application that allows you to customize almost everything. Macros, button remapping, lighting customization – all these functions are here. Oh yes, the keyboard is connected via USB, so it works via a cable.

Cost: $ 184

Angry Miao Cyberboard R3

This is a wireless keyboard from the Chinese company Angry Miao. It has several advantages, including replaceable plastic panels, long battery life, LED panel, wireless connectivity and a few more. However, before getting carried away with describing the capabilities of this system, you should know that it costs as much as $ 570.

According to the developers of this keyboard, they were inspired by the design of the Tesla Cybertruck. True, this same conceptual idea inspired them when creating two other keyboard models.

In addition to wireless communication, Angry Miao Cyberboard R3 can also work via USB Type-C. Its dimensions are 343mm x 178mm x 51mm. By the way, you can charge the system either with a cable or with a special wireless charger, which is sold separately. The 5000 mAh battery of the keyboard is capable of providing multi-day battery life – even with the backlight on.

You can use the keyboard for both games and typing. It can be called universal. Those who have already tried the device in operation say that the keyboard is very comfortable – and you don’t notice it during use (except, of course, the LED panel).

The keyboard also has software, which, however, could be more convenient, given the price of the device. Among other things, the lightbar can be customized by downloading various light patterns from the manufacturer’s website.

It’s a comfortable keyboard, but of course the price makes you wonder – do you really want to buy this model so badly?

Cost: $ 570.

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Razer Huntsman V2 TKL

This model is much cheaper than the previous version. Slightly less original, but, in general, also very comfortable. The base is made of aluminum, everything else is made of ABS plastic. She weighs very little – only 0.9 kg. The switches here are optical, and the manufacturer has added a special system to improve the accuracy of the operation.

The keyboard is connected via a USB cable. Its dimensions are 335.6 x 139.7 x 33.02mm. Typing is quite convenient, but one thing should be taken into account – the keyboard is very loud, so to speak. So if you do not have a separate office in your apartment or at home, and you need to work a lot, this can be a problem.

The keyboard has a backlight, and the software makes it possible to customize the system.

Cost: $ 160.

Akko Mod 001 Barebones

This keyboard, unlike all the other models mentioned above, needs to be assembled and customized. It is sold as an assembly kit.

Connects to a PC or laptop via USB Type-C. Keyboard size 375mm x 146.05mm x 31.75mm. Of course, there is also backlighting here – after all, a large number of users like it, although not everyone.

The base of the keyboard is made of aluminum, everything else is made of plastic. The keyboard is supplied along with the Akko Wired Manager software utility, which allows you to customize various functions, including backlighting.

Assembling the keyboard is simple – just replace the buttons and you are ready to go. You can choose assembly options on the manufacturer’s website. Working with Akko Mod 001 Barebones is quite convenient, in any case, those who have already tested the system say about it.

Overall, this is one of the most interesting and easy-to-use keyboards in this collection. She has almost no flaws, but a large number of advantages. The only minor problem is the software, which can be more powerful.

Cost: $ 130

CannonKeys Bakeneko60

This is also a “constructor” that you need to assemble yourself. The number 60 in the model name is present because the size of the keyboard is 60% of the standard one. Thus, you can take it with you on the road – its dimensions allow it to be done.

As with the other models listed above, the base here is made of aluminum. Everything else is plastic and fiber. The build quality is excellent – nothing plays or creaks. It is convenient to work with this model – both in normal conditions and on the road.

You can buy different keys, one of the most interesting sets is NicePBT Elderberry. The switches are also selectable – CannonKeys Lavender and / or Neapolitan Ice Cream. Despite its relatively small size, the keyboard is versatile. It can be used both for games and for typing.

Cost: $ 130

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