Security, Automation and Cost Savings: Acronis Virtual Conference on Emerging Cyber ​​Security Technologies

Hello, Habr! Literally in two days virtual conference “Three steps to protection from cybercriminals” (“Defeating Cybercriminals in Three Moves”)dedicated to the latest approaches to cyber defense. We will talk about the use of complex solutions, the use of AI and other technologies to counter new threats. The event will be attended by IT leaders of leading European companies, representatives of analytical agencies and visionaries in the field of cybersecurity. Detailed information and a link for registration – under the cut.

We constantly report that outdated backup technologies can no longer cope with the task of protecting data. The amount of information that needs to be protected is constantly growing. Threats include both ransomware and various malware that can damage or steal data.

By the way, antiviruses alone also do not provide data protection, since they cannot guarantee the authenticity of information even after successfully repelling an attack. And if new malware was not recognized, there are no guarantees at all.

At a virtual conference “Defeating Cybercriminals in Three Moves”, on September 16, technology, sports and industry leaders will speak to share their experiences in building defenses against today’s threats. The following issues will be discussed at the event:

  • Implementation of integrated security systems

  • Automatic recovery after repelled attacks

  • Leveraging AI and machine learning to protect data, applications and systems.

  • Assessing the benefits of automation and protection integration in reducing downtime (and wasted money)

Among the speakers of the event:

  • Sergey Belousov, founder and CEO at Acronis

  • Frank Dixon, VP of Cyber ​​Defense at IDC

  • Christelle Haikkila, CIO at Arsenal FC

  • Graeme Hackland, CIO Williams Racing

  • other

A complete list of speeches, as well as the timeline of the conference can be viewed here/

During the virtual conference, the possibilities of the new solution will be examined in detail Acronis Cyber ​​Protectthat allows you to provide comprehensive protection for the organization, including remote endpoints.

Anyone who is interested in how the new approach to cyber defense works, as well as how companies such as HiSolutions AG, FC Arsenal, Proud Innovations BV, Williams Group, Yokogawa and others use it – register by link

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