Secret Mission: How Okko Agents Help Create Better Service

Many service companies have long recognized the importance of continually working to improve the customer experience and actively collecting and processing user feedback. Okko decided to go further and make the user community part of the team.

How it works?

In April 2020, under the leadership of Darya Yurasova, Director for Service and Customer Experience, the Okko Agents project was launched. This is a user community whose goal is to make the service better by involving existing Okko users in testing the product.

The community helps you find usability issues and uncover technical issues with the platform. For this, there are 2 areas of testing – usability and technical.

Okko agents test the service in various formats: online polls, remote unmoderated tests, individual interviews, and others.

How do users become Agents?

Okko users receive an invitation to the community with a link to the profile. The selection takes into account all user data, from product experience to demographic parameters. This information is used to form the optimal sample for each study.

Selected users are added to the community, where they share their experiences, chat and ask questions about the service. Participants receive invitations to research by mail or using the group channels in Telegram and WhatsApp.

What is the advantage of the community for Okko?

Okko team adheres to the principle: a small test is better than a blind release. Blind releases in companies are most often caused by tight deadlines or lack of budget. The Community of Agents allows the product team to test hypotheses in hours. For example, testing of the new version of the player was carried out 4 hours after the product was submitted to the UX laboratory. During this time, the preparation of the script, layout of the online questionnaire, distribution of the task to users, filling out the questionnaires and preparing the report with recommendations were carried out.


Player screen on iOS before and after making changes based on test results with users.

In addition, the credibility of the quality of recruiting from outside respondents is often quite low. When existing Okko users are involved in testing, researchers can check their real data and make sure that the participant fits the requirements of a specific task.

What happens to the feedback from the Agents?

Problems discovered during user testing are discussed with the product team, criticality is recorded – the impact of the identified problem on the user experience. For each task, a specialist responsible for its solution and the timing of its implementation are determined.
Further, the layouts, finalized on the basis of user feedback, are given to development and go through all subsequent stages of testing: technical and split testing. This multi-stage approach provides the necessary set of qualitative and quantitative data for the product team to make decisions.

If you test only on your own users, especially loyal ones, won’t the results be distorted?

In order to receive feedback from users with different experiences, tests are conducted both with our own database and with external users who do not use Okko.

What’s next?

At the moment, the community has over 1000 members and it is planned to attract even more users. The product team still faces many challenges to improve the customer experience at Okko, and for this, regular feedback from service customers is very important.

Daria Yurasova, Director of Service and Customer Experience:

“We thank our users who have agreed to become part of the Okko Agent community and help us become better. For our part, we promise to make every effort to create the best online cinema. “

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