School of Data Analysts

X5 Tech invites students and graduates to take free training in the profession of Data Analyst. After three months of training, it will be possible to complete a paid internship at the X5 Group.

  • Selection starts on February 21st.

  • The start of training is March 29th.

  • The term of study is 8 months, Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00.

Details and application

Training program

  1. Updated and extended Python course (+ GIL, Asynchronous Python and API, Performance and Python).

  2. Mathematical analysis. Optimization methods.

  3. Linear algebra.

  4. TViMS. Application of statistics in A/B testing. Application of TViMS in machine learning.

  5. Machine learning.

  6. Databases, SQL and Python.

  7. BigData, HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, SPARK.

  8. Linux, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes.

Entry Requirements

  • desire to work with big data in retail;

  • good knowledge of mathematics at the level of the 2nd year of a technical university;

  • programming skills in Python;

  • familiarity with machine learning;

  • Russian citizenship.

Admission will consist of two stages: online testing until March 16 and an interview until March 27.

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