If someone told me five years ago that SberBank would start producing light bulbs, I would have thought it was a joke.
But now it’s 2021 and Sber smart lamps are on sale. Of course, I tested them.

I’ll tell you a secret that I contributed a little to making these bulbs good: I had the opportunity to test engineering samples of lamps even before the start of their mass production and share the test results with the developers.

Now on sale there are two models of Sber lamps – “pear” SBDV-0019 E27 9 W 806 lm and “candle” SBDV-0020 E14 5.5 W 470 lm.
Both the one and the other lamp costs 990 rubles

The lamps are controlled via Wi-Fi from the application, as well as using voice assistants and smart home systems. Lamps can be switched on and off, dimmed (dimmed), change the color temperature of the light and the color of the lighting (lamps are equipped with five types of LEDs: “warm”, “cold”, red, green, blue).

I measured the parameters of the light of the lamps in different modes: at maximum, average and minimum brightness, in the modes of the warmest, neutral, coldest, red, green and blue light.

We tested two lamps of each type, the table shows the results of measuring the power and luminous flux of both copies.

The lamps have fairly high CRI (Ra) color rendering indices – 82-87.

There is no light ripple in all modes, even when the brightness is lowered.

Sber SBDV-0019 pear lamp in white light modes at maximum brightness consumes 8.7-8.8 W and gives 785-931 lumens depending on the color temperature. This lamp is capable of replacing a 75-85 W incandescent lamp. At minimum brightness in the warmest light mode, the lamp gives 50 lm (6% of maximum brightness). In color modes, the lamp consumes 3.9-5.2 W and gives 71-291 lumens depending on the color.

The Sber SBDV-0020 candle lamp in white light modes at maximum brightness consumes 4.9-5 W and gives 446-496 lm, this is a replacement for a 50 W incandescent lamp. Minimum brightness 6%, consumption in color modes about 1 W, luminous flux 8-26 lm.

The lamps use “warm” LEDs with a color temperature of 2700K and “cold” 6100-6200K, so the color temperature is adjustable in the range of 2700 – 6100-6200K.

In the neutral white light mode, the brightness of the pear lamp drops by 5% when the supply voltage drops to 201 V, and of the candle lamp to 207 V. If the mains voltage drops even lower, the brightness will drop, but the lamps do not start flickering. I note that these are very good indicators for smart lamps – most smart lamps of other brands begin to flicker when the voltage drops below 220 V.

The lamps are built on the Tuya platform, so you can use both the Sber Salute proprietary application and any applications compatible with this platform.

In the Sber Salute application, you can control one lamp or a group of lamps, change the brightness, color temperature, and color. There is a possibility of voice control.

And the lights can also be controlled by voice through the SberPortal smart display and the Sber Box TV box remote control (the set-top box must be turned on, the TV can be turned off). Using voice commands, you can set the timer or create delayed commands, such as “turn on the lamp at seven in the evening” or “set the lamp brightness to 1% at midnight.” A complete list of voice commands is here

Sber lamps are sold both on the SberDevices website and in Ozone, Wildberries, M.Video and other stores.

Sber smart lamps turned out to be one of the best on the market: their parameters correspond to the declared ones, they have a high color rendering index, and there is absolutely no ripple in all modes. Unlike many other smart lamps, these lamps can operate at reduced line voltage.

© 2021, Alexey Nadezhin

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