Sberbank’s robotics laboratory: an inside look

I was interviewed by Alexey Gonnochenko, the head of the laboratory. Then he asked me this question: “What kind of robot would you like to make with us?”

I had an idea to make a mobile robot. I designed it, prepared some documents – functions, lists of components. I wanted him to deliver coffee to the laboratory during the demonstration.

Of course, it was difficult, but in about two weeks I put it all together, programmed it, and the robot went on its own. I showed the project, the guys liked it, and that’s how I got the job.

It turned out that being a robotics technician is very cool. There is a professional team here. You can exchange experience, communicate and, most importantly, implement really large-scale projects that cannot be done alone. There is probably nowhere else on such a scale in Russia. This is very driving and motivating.

I believe that soon people will stop working as loaders and drivers, and instead take on more interesting work. Robots will take on routine, complex and heavy tasks. And we will do what we like, such as programming and teaching robots. We have a bright future. If you want to bring it closer, come and work with us at the Sberbank robotics laboratory.

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