Samsung will transform users’ legacy smartphones into smart home control devices

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Launches the official recycling program for Galaxy smartphones. As part of this program, the Korean giant offers the owners of physically and mentally outdated gadgets to repurpose them, giving them a new life.

Smartphones in the “new life” will become elements of smart home systems. Users from the United States, Korea and the United Kingdom will be able to access the service. The program will be implemented as part of the initiative Galaxy Upcycling at Home… The project has now entered the beta testing stage.

What is the initiative

Devices that have received a kind of upgrade they will work via the SmartThings app. The application will receive two new modes: sound and light, which triggers phone sensors.

What will the legacy Galaxy phones look like:

1. A babysitting tool with a sound sensor like a baby monitor.

2. Pet care solution with light sensor.

3. Light level sensor in the room. Moreover, the device will be able to automatically turn on the light if the illumination level drops below the specified one.


The company says that in the sound sensor mode, the devices will recognize the characteristic sounds of everyday life. The entries can be saved. If the device detects a baby crying, a dog barking, a cat meowing, or a knock, it will send a notification to the user’s smartphone. The user will be able to listen to the recorded sound.

To ensure that the devices can operate in light and sound detection mode for a long time, Samsung has equipped the devices with solutions to optimize power consumption.

As a result, all devices will easily interact with a wide range of IoT systems.

What else

According to Jaeyeon Jung, Vice President and Team Leader for SmartThings at Samsung, consumer interest in smart home devices is growing, so unused Galaxy devices can help turn every home into a smart one.

The solution certainly looks interesting, but it uses only part of the potential of smartphones. For now, the camera will not be involved – the most common and potentially useful part of an old smartphone.

Also, it would be great overall if the company unlocked bootloaders. So even users without rooting skills could uninstall old, unused applications and OS by installing new and suitable software.

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