SafeDC data center opened doors for customers for one day

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge, SRI SOKB held SafeDC data center An open day for customers who saw with their own eyes what we will discuss further under the cut.

SafeDC data center opened doors for customers for one day picture

The SafeDC data center is located in Moscow on Nauchny Proyezd, on the underground floor of a business center at a depth of ten meters. The total area of ​​the data center is 450 m2, the capacity is 60 racks.

The power supply is organized according to the 2N + 1 scheme. Each equipment cabinet has two mains. Consumers can be powered from any of them. Installed “smart” PDUs with monitoring functions. The power supply infrastructure allows for up to 7 kW per rack.

The power supply infrastructure allows to allocate up to 7 kW per rack picture

The container-type diesel generator provides uninterrupted operation for up to 12 hours from one refueling. Power is supplied by the APC InfraStruXure during the transfer.

APC InfraStruXure uninterruptible power system picture

In the machine room, complexes are installed, consisting of cabinets, in-row air conditioners, as well as a roof and doors that provide insulation for hot aisles to accommodate high-performance equipment. All racks and isolation equipment from one vendor – APC / Shneider Electric.

Doors providing insulation for the cart

To protect the installed equipment from dust, supply and exhaust ventilation is used, equipped with a subsystem for cleaning and preparing air in accordance with the specified parameters.

In-row air conditioners from Liebert / Vertiv maintain a temperature of + 20 ° C ± 10 ° C in the machine room.

Air conditioning systems are built according to the 2N scheme. The backup system is automatically activated when an emergency event occurs.

In-row air conditioners from Liebert / Vertiv picture

The data center has several security perimeters. The doors to the machine rooms are controlled by an access control system, with video surveillance cameras installed in each row of racks. In a word, not a single outsider will penetrate and not a single action will go unnoticed.

The data center has several security perimeters picture

The network infrastructure of the data center in accordance with the classic architecture has three levels (core, aggregation and access). The access level is realized by installing switches in a Telecom Rack. Aggregation and core switches are 2N reserved. Juniper network equipment is used.

The data center is connected to the MSK-IX traffic exchange point with 40 optical fibers of its own cable network. Fiber-optic communication lines have different routes of laying. The “nine” has its own equipment.

NII SOKB is a local Internet registrar, therefore it has the ability to provide customers with the required number of static IP addresses.

The network infrastructure of the data center in accordance with the classical architecture has three levels picture

Data center servers and data storage systems – from the leading manufacturer IBM / Lenovo.
The data center parameters monitoring system is built using a SCADA system from Indusoft. The depth of monitoring allows you to track in real time the status of all parameters of the SafeDC engineering infrastructure.

Data center servers and storage systems - from the leading manufacturer IBM / Lenovo picture

The personnel on duty are informed about the events through several channels at once – by mail, SMS and the Telegram channel. This allows you to quickly respond to any event.

SafeDC is certified for compliance with the 1 class and 1 level of security of information systems that process state information resources and personal data.

The list of data center services includes:

  • placement of servers in the data center (colocation);
  • server rental;
  • rental of virtual servers (VDS / VPS);
  • virtual infrastructure rental;
  • backup service – BaaS (Backup as a Service);
  • administration of the Customer’s servers;
  • cloud information security services, in particular MDM / EMM;
  • service of emergency recovery of the Customer’s infrastructure – DraaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service);
  • backup data center services.

We are waiting for you in SafeDC!

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