Russian patents in the field of artificial intelligence

Investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks are growing at a tremendous pace, as is the interest in them from ordinary users. ChatGPT for 2 months scored 100 million users, while Google Translate (the previous record holder) took more than five years to do so. Already in South Africa registered a patent created by artificial intelligence, and the possibility of assigning authorship to AI is still being debated in the courts and ministries of different countries.

In this material, we will give a brief overview of Russian patents in the field of AI, received by both domestic inventors and organizations, and foreign ones.

Patents and artificial intelligence in Russia

Rospatent in 2023 going use artificial intelligence to process patent applications and information about inventions. The system is already being developed and partially implemented. The development of AI in Russia is carried out by Russian companies and government agencies

According to WIPO, in 2021 Russia occupied 16th place in the world in terms of the number of inventions in the field of artificial intelligence. AI Funding in 2020 amounted to 40 million dollars. It is believed that it is best to use it in video analytics, scoring and speech recognition.

At the same time, its main consumer in our country is the financial sector. AI is used in processing loan applications, making decisions, etc. The technology is also actively used in retail, industrial production, and the creation of smart homes and cities.

Russia cannot yet boast of well-developed legislation or large-scale funding in the field of AI. The maturity index is calculated based on the development of infrastructure, the income of IT companies, the qualifications of employees and the general level of development of science. At the same time, in 2021, AI technologies in Russia began to actively develop, but the outflow of specialists in 2022 should have had a negative impact on this area.

Latest patents in the field of artificial intelligence

Despite the fact that most AI is used in the financial sector, among the patents in 2022-3023, mostly patents from other areas. The number of developments related to the use of artificial intelligence in medicine is especially large.

Diagnostics and operations

For the most part in medicine, patents related to artificial intelligence are focused on data analysis and diagnostics. For example, patent no.2720363 describes an AI that creates a mathematical model of a patient’s state of health. In the future, these models are used for more accurate diagnosis, prescribing drugs, etc.

Registered in the fall of 2022, the patent of Israeli scientists No.2779871 describes how machine learning can be used in guided cardiac ablation. This is an operation from the field of microsurgery.

Communication and information system of increased security

Atri Joint Stock Company, engaged in R&D, in the spring of 2023 registered a patent No.2792329 on the “object communication and information system and the method of its design”. This system includes many elements, including artificial intelligence, and should be used to improve safety at facilities.

The development is made for use on various objects, including mobile ones – above ground and underwater. Moreover, the system is capable of providing both video communication and video surveillance, while being tracked and controlled by AI.

Recognition of personal protective equipment

The use of artificial intelligence to maintain law and order is also being improved. Patent from St. Petersburg scientists No.2791415 describes an intelligent system that could recognize the presence of face masks to prevent the spread of infection.

Interestingly, the development is able to determine the presence of a mask both by video recording and by analyzing the voice characteristics of people. It is planned that these sensors will be used simultaneously.

Tracking and analysis of actions of buyers in the store

Described in patent no.2772835 the use of artificial intelligence also implies tracking actions, but already on the network. For example, the development collects and analyzes the metadata of the customer behavior event in the store in order to use it to automatically trigger related actions. Such developments can be used both to improve the list of recommendations, and for more complex actions.

Optimization of artificial networks

Patent No.2745632 describes the automated response device, the response system, and the program used to implement it. However, the essence of the invention is that it allows using less computing resources for network training. Usually storing data is a rather difficult task, but this development solves the problem. The patent is registered by a Japanese company and generally repeats one of its patents in its homeland.

However, the developments of Russian scientists are registered abroad. Widespread news about registration in the USA of the patent of group of scientists of the Smart Engines company. The invention allows to significantly optimize the neural networks that are used to create images.


Artificial intelligence is developing as diversified and rapidly as possible. Computer vision is used in self-driving cars and to track the use of masks indoors, neural networks write their own applications, but are also used to create pictures and write term papers.

In Russia, all these areas of development are reflected in the patent system. There are also interesting precedents. For example, in 2021 Sber will be the first in Russia toregistered the applicationdeveloped by artificial intelligence. The authors indicate people, but the text of the certificate notes that a neural network participated in the creation.

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