Russian developers presented two exoskeletons

Developers from the “Exo Builders Association” showed two new exoskeleton project. Both systems were presented at the competition of the educational program “Vector”. The first exoskeleton is intended for enterprises, the second – for doctors, it has yet to be finalized.

In the first case, everything is ready, the system allows you to lift and hold heavy loads, without straining your hands. In addition, it also makes it possible to sit without a chair, if the need arises.

Developers from the “Exo Builders Association” went to the current version of exoskeletons for several years, gradually improving the development. The first model is called PE52-ST, the second is ES-01.

As for PE52-ST, this is a semi-active design that does not duplicate hand movements. Also, the system does not enhance movement, like some other exoskeleton models. But in the nodes of the hands there are active locking mechanisms that allow you to lift and hold the load, including a hard, specific time.

To do this, part of the system is locked in a certain position, while the load on the hands is removed. If desired, the load can be held on weight for a long time.

The second feature of the exoskeleton is that the upper part can be detached and used as a second pair of hands. In addition, one “arm” can remain in the exoskeleton, and the second comes unfastened. As shown in the video, there is support for the legs, so that the load is removed from the human body on the “limbs” of the exoskeleton.

According to the developers, the main feature of the industrial exoskeleton is its modularity. First, “soft” elements are installed that remove the load from the spine, and hard ones are attached to them, they make it possible to increase the strength and endurance of the carrier.

“Exoskeletons allow us to solve a wide range of production problems. They help to avoid overloads and injuries, and also significantly increase the user’s physical abilities. The industrial exoskeleton, developed by Rostec engineers, is multifunctional. You can use only modules of the lower extremities, which will unload the legs, allowing you to sit without a chair or squat, without experiencing discomfort. The upper part of the complex makes it possible to carry heavy loads or, for example, to hold weight up to 10 kg on an outstretched arm. In addition, the device is equipped with two additional upper grippers. They can hold the tool, allowing them to work literally four hands, ”said Oleg Evtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec State Corporation.

As for the second model, this is a “soft” exoskeleton, which allows you to remove the load from the doctor’s body for the duration of operations. As a result, the specialist will not have a back, neck or arm pain.

There are other exoskeleton models. One of them, Guardian XO, turns a person into a “loader” with a soft touch.

The development belongs to the American company Sarcos Robotics. Its exoskeletons will be adopted by representatives of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Well, this robotic exoskeleton is called “Guardian XO”. The weight of such a system is approximately 90 kilograms.

The system is powered by electricity. Exoskeletons are stand-alone, lithium batteries are used as a power source. Although the characteristics of the batteries were not disclosed, it is known that they last for about 8 hours. Battery replacement can be done in hot mode.

There are a lot of exoskeletons now, the main problem that stops the potential target audience is inconvenient energy sources. Some systems are powered by network cables, some others are also from batteries, but with low capacity. According to Sarcos representatives, their system is just what you need.

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