Russia is in the top ten countries by the number of valid SSL

The oldest certification authority, a leading provider of reliable identification and security solutions GlobalSign, and the largest hosting provider and domain registrar REG.RU in Russia, presented data on the leading countries that use SSL certificates, how the world market was changing at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, and others industry trends.

In recent years, companies around the world continue to invest more in their information security. Dependence of commercial success on the correct and safe placement of data on the network is observed. The transition to remote work makes companies pay attention to the information security tools used. Naturally, the SSL-security market is growing: there is a quantitative and qualitative growth of those companies that switch their sites and servers to a secure HTTPS connection.

Of course, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has affected the economies of almost all countries and industries. Due to the pandemic situation since the beginning of 2020, there is a slight lag in the growth of SSL certificates compared to the same period last year, which affected most countries.

For example, in Russia in February this year, the number of SSL certificates amounted to 1,476,822, in March it fell to 1,297,920, but already in April a slight increase began, and the total number grew to 1,325,999 certificates, which indicates if not full recovery, then at least about the tendency to return to normal functioning.

Despite the complexity of forecasting in the current situation, over the past 4 years, significant growth dynamics of SSL-certificates continues to be traced in all countries.

The number of SSL certificates by country (according to Netcraft). Data is excluding self-signed certificates.

Superiority in the number of sites continues to hold the United States. This year, Japan took the third place in the list of traditional leaders of the largest countries in Western Europe. Also this year, China entered the top 10 countries, closing the list of leaders. Russia continues to occupy the 9th line of the rating, leaving behind Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

Features of the Russian SSL Certificate Market

According to the analytical resource, in April 2020, 1,440,000 SSL certificates were active in the .RU zone and 150,000 in the Russian Federation. The number of valid SSLs (that is, issued by certification authorities) significantly exceeds the number of invalid SSL certificates – 1,470,000 thousand certificates in total issued to domains in .RU and.РФ zones. The number of invalid and self-signed is 125,000.

The top 5 certification centers for the number of SSL certificates issued in .RU today include: Let’s Encrypt (960,000), CloudFlare Inc (110,000), DigiCert Inc (85,000), GlobalSign (75,000) and Sectigo Limited (55,000). The significant advantage of Let’s Encrypt is due to the ability to receive free SSL certificates for up to 90 days in this CA.

.RU has the most certificates with a validity period of less than a year (81%) and 1 year (18%). The most popular format is the use of one SSL certificate for one domain, their number exceeds 1 million. But multi-domain certificates (SANs) are also in demand. So, in total, the number of those in 3-10 domains is about 80 thousand.

“Digital security is becoming more and more relevant in the modern world, both for the average user and for any company. Despite the restrictions in the global pandemic, we note the growing importance of online communications – and, as a result, the increased interest in information security and, in particular, SSL certificates among Russian companies, ”says Dmitry Ryzhikov, General Director of GMO GlobalSign Russia.

“The number of new SSL certificates is growing every year, which is important for protecting user data, and this trend will only intensify. Among the reasons for the growth are not only economic conditions that encourage businesses to go online, but also others. For example, the growth of mobile Internet. So, mobile operators use HTTP traffic, showing ads on it. This further encourages domain owners to install SSL.

Together with our partner, the oldest certification center GlobalSign, we will continue to provide certificates to everyone on the Russian market, including an SSL certificate for one year complete with a domain and hosting, ”comments Alexei Korolyuk, CEO of the hosting provider and domain registrar REG.RU.

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