Roundtable in Wrike: How to Move the Front End to a New Stack

It hurts, expensive, stressful, but sometimes necessary. Migration to a new stack (language or framework) is an event that is always interesting to discuss, especially if it does not happen in your product. On July 13 at 19:00 (Moscow time), we will gather to discuss everyone who has experienced or is going through the transfer of the frontend to new technologies. “I told you” and other comments from viewers are welcome!

Three months ago, Wrike publicly announced that it was not developing new functionality on DartAngular. We prepared big manifesto why it was done and where we intend to move next.

Now we are ready to meet with colleagues from other companies and discuss pains and prospects, learn patience from each other and understand whether unhappy families of migrating front-endrs are really unhappy in their own way, even if an optimistic common bright future looms ahead.

Format: no “reporting heads”, only lively discussion, real stories and direct answers to your questions.

Let’s talk about migrations

– JS -> TS

– Flow -> TS

– AngularDart -> ????

– Self-written Redux -> Redux tool kit

and etc.


– Ivan Sinegovsky, Senior FE Developer, TeamLead, Wrike

– Georgy Konyushkov, FE Developer, Leroy Merlin

– Alexey Pimenov, Dev.Lead, Kaspersky Lab

– Vitaly Kosenko, Senior Interface Developer, Yandex.Search


– Evgeniy Kot, Dev.Director, Wrike Prague

Register by this link and prepare questions. See you!

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