Rostelecom Solar launches an internship: download Scala skills


For those who dream of becoming a Senior Developer and are ready to join the cool team of Scala developers, December 1-15, 2019 we run selection on free Scala training course. Upon completion of training, the five best trainees will be able to join the sunniest team in the world.

Details – under the cut.

Who should use this course?

First of all, studying with us will be interesting for 3-4th year students or recent graduates of universities that provide specialized IT education. Also, it is possible that those who have experience in programming in any language will want to pump their skills. In general, if you dream of becoming a developer and are ready to work from 30 hours a week after an internship, our course is what you need.

What knowledge can be obtained at the output?

  • Fundamentals of functional programming. We will analyze the principles of working with immutable and persistent data structures and the structure of these structures. The principles of data modeling are case classes, algebraic types, and pattern matching.
  • More sophisticated functional programming techniques: lazy computing; commonly used abstractions such as functor, applicative, and monad.
  • Using implicit values ​​and conversions. We will create tile classes, and then we will consider other applications of this mechanism. As an example, let's talk about how to work with JSON and how to handle parsing errors.
  • The concept of multithreading. First, let's look at the tools that the Java virtual machine gives us. Then let's move on to the higher-level primitives: let's talk about different approaches to writing competitive and parallel code. Take a closer look at the Future / Promise device, Akka actors.
  • Input-output: how are asynchronous clients for web services and databases built, how to combine input-output and asynchronous code.
  • Organization of asynchronous processing of data streams using the Akka Streams library as an example.
  • HTTP protocol and writing web services using the Play Framework and Akka Http.

Why is learning and working with us interesting?

We are one of the leaders in the Russian information security market. We are more than 600 specialists, most of whom are engineers and developers, testers and technical writers, analysts and architects creating information security products and services. High competition in the market makes us actively develop both in terms of new features and technological capabilities.

And 3 more arguments for

  • We have experts who are ready to teach you from the junior level to the senior developer. They will give you exactly as much time as you need.
  • Working in Scrum-teams, from the very beginning you will be engaged in the development of relevant features and quickly learn real tasks from your more experienced colleagues.
  • And yes, we are fans of functional programming. If you, too, then we are right along the way!

Selection stages

From December 1 to December 15, we accept applications for participation in training.
From December 5 to December 18, we conduct telephone interviews with candidates.
After December 18, applicants who have passed a telephone interview will be asked to complete a test task, and then to undergo a face-to-face interview.

Internship format

  • Participants will be given 1 lecture per week, in the evening, in our office on the Savelovskaya metro station.
  • At the end of each lecture, trainees receive homework.
  • After each lecture and homework, trainees attend the seminar (weekly).
  • The duration of the course is 3 months.

Learn more about the proposed internship, as well as apply for participation in the selection, please visit

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