RosCom Freedom invites to Privacy Day and Pandemic Hackathon

RosKomSvoboda in business! We want to talk about our upcoming online events.

We have launched the collection of applications for the hackathon contest to help healthcare and civil society – Pandemic hackathon. The topic was chosen urgent and important, because we sincerely believe that only through joint efforts can we survive this difficult period for everyone. The prize fund of the hackathon is 1.5 million rubles, apply you can participate until May 22.

AND May 21st we are holding the second annual conference Privacy day. This time it will be held in an online format for all obvious reasons.

By the way, Habr takes an active part in both events: in the hackathon competition as a partner, and the speaker will be at the conference.

We invite you to join both events!

About hackathon

Pandemic hackathon – This is an opportunity for young innovators and just experts from different fields to prove themselves and present an actual product that will help people cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic or will greatly simplify life in the post-pandemic world. Today we are looking for such ideas to preserve and protect our rights so that we can rely on them tomorrow in the conditions of a changing world.

New projects must meet the urgent needs of today and build on the most important principles of digital citizenship:

Digital citizenship is a specific area of ​​civil law relations that are implemented in information and telecommunication networks and / or have a digital format.

It includes relationships that are carried out both between citizens and the state, and directly between citizens using electronic platforms, services, devices and resources directly connected to the Internet or operating in it.

Principles of digital citizenship:

  • protection of personal information,
  • safety and transparency of information,
  • observance of the rights, freedoms and interests of citizens,
  • taking into account the opinions of all interested parties,
  • mutual trust.

Hackathon Stages:

Until May 22, we collect applications for participation in the hackathon.

We expect participants to offer digital and technological solutions, as well as advocacy, media or educational campaign projects, business ideas in two main areas:

Help for healthcare.

  • addressing the challenges facing healthcare professionals during a pandemic and high system load;
  • new approaches to the interaction of “doctor-patient”;
  • protection of digital rights of citizens in the field of medicine and human health;
  • projects that help to disclose data and provide the public with the most objective and complete information on Covid-19 with special attention to maintaining medical secrets and privacy.

Civil mutual assistance.

  • projects helping citizens to unite to solve pressing issues, vital problems;
  • solutions providing personal safety and operational communication with emergency services in critical situations, etc .;
  • monitoring of cases of violation of citizens’ rights in the situation of the introduction of special regimes;
  • solutions that support access to information and the exchange of open knowledge; control their processing, identify cases of misuse; –
  • fake news systems.

On May 25, we will announce a list of selected teams that will subsequently interact with mentors.

Each of the submitted projects will be carefully considered and selected by the tender committee.

May 26-28 – mentoring sessions with invited experts and experts from RosKom Svoboda.

Further, the finalized projects are submitted to the jury, which will include doctors, crisis managers, specialists in open data and privacy, lawyers and public figures.

Among the invited experts:

  • Petr Talanov – an entrepreneur with medical education, a scientific journalist, author of books on evidence-based medicine;
  • Dmitry Petrukhin – CEO of Docdoc;
  • Alexander Borunov – head of the service, creator of the portal “Just Ask”, an expert in the development of social projects
  • Olga Kashubina – medical editor of Tinkoff Magazine, popularizer of science, author of the ShBmnk: news of the medicine you overslept channel and the book How a Doctor Would Hurt, an expert in patient literacy and evidence-based medicine;
  • Ivan Begtin – director of ANO “Information Culture”, a leading Russian expert in the field of open data, digital state, public procurement, public finance, privacy;
  • Alexey Sidorenko – head of the Greenhouse of Social Technologies, an expert in the areas of: platform design, motivation and gamification of users, communication with the audience, web design, creation and development of projects with social impact;
  • Samat Galimov – ex-CTO “Medusa”, “Bookmate” and other startups; Leading Telegram Channel Launching Tomorrow;
  • Maria Vorobyova – Data scientist, Easybrain company, lecturer in the computer science department of the Higher School of Economics;
  • And etc.

June 1 to summarize and announce the winners.

The winner can be either one or several – depending on the decision of the jury. The prize fund is given to the winner of the competition as a targeted grant for the implementation and development of the project.

Keep up apply until May 22! Perhaps your project will be able to change the world for the better.

About the conference

Privacy day – online conference organized RosKomSvoboda together with Center for Digital Rights and Digital Rights Laboratory.

Unofficially we call this conference PPD (Pandemic Privacy Day), because the “Pandemic privacy” will become its main theme.

At the very beginning of the conference, we will talk about the limitations of digital rights in the era of a pandemic and tell about our observations around the world in the framework of the project Pandemic bigbrother.

Further in the program are scheduled presentations by invited experts and two panel discussions:

1) On restricting privacy in a pandemic. Here we will talk about digital passes, collecting personal and biometric data of citizens and their processing.

2) About privacy after a pandemic. Experts will discuss the general digitalization of the population that began during the pandemic, its risks and benefits for citizens, the state and personal data operators.

Presentations, in particular, will be made by the leaders of relevant Russian organizations and representatives of social networks and Runet communities:

  • Sarkis Darbinyan (Digital Rights Center Partner) will talk about the processing of biometric data for quarantine purposes.
  • Alexander Shvets (Director for the protection of user privacy on VKontakte) will share his experience in creating personal data archives for millions of users;
  • Alexey Shevelev (Habr, head of the department for working with users) will make a report “Transparency report as a way to open IT companies and respect for digital rights of citizens.”

Also among the speakers:

  • Mikhail Yakushev (Secretary of the Interdepartmental Working Group of the Government of the Russian Federation on personal data);
  • Ivan Begtin (General Director of ANO “Information Culture”);
  • Nikolay Dmitrik (Head of the Department of Normative Regulation of the Digital Economy at Moscow State University);
  • Arthur Khachuyan (founder of Tazeros Global);
  • Artyom Kozlyuk (head of RosKomSvobody);
  • Nikolay Dmitrik (Head of the Department of Normative Regulation of the Digital Economy at Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov)
  • Damir Gainutdinov (lawyer of the International Agora) and others.

We will announce the venue a little later, stay tuned for our updates in Telegram.

Participation is free, pre-registration is required on the site –
We will start on May 21 at 11:00. Do not be late, it will be interesting.

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