rollupjs – import scss and css

How to import into rollupjs style files in js files (like app.js).

Import files without plugins installed into rollupjs or webpack, like this:

import “../scss/global.scss”;
import “../scss/home.scss”;

Will result in errors (rollupjs):

[!] Error: Unexpected token (Note that you need plugins to import files that are not JavaScript)
svelte / scss / global.scss (1: 5)
1: html {

There are several plugins for importing style files in js files:


import scss in rollupjs

For rollupjs, install the plugin:

npm install rollup-plugin-scss

In file rollup.config.js import it:

import scss from ‘rollup-plugin-scss’

Next, add inside plugins:

In order for the svelte assembly to work, you need to output these files separately as follows:

output: ‘public / build / common.css’,

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