Rocket Lake for workstations: new line of Xeon W-1300 processors

Intel quietly added Rocket Lake Xeon W-1300 series processors for entry-level workstations to the database. These processors support ECC memory, plus come with Xe-LP graphics with drivers certified for professional applications.

The novelty has six or eight cores based on the Cypress Cove microarchitecture, plus an integrated GPU with 32 EU modules with Xe-LP architecture. It can be expected that the new line will soon be actively used. Detailed characteristics of the new chips are under the cut.

What the new chips are capable of

According to Intel representatives, the processors support AVX-512, 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes and DDR4-3200 RAM. Overall, they are roughly equal in functionality and capabilities to 11th Gen Core desktop processors. The features of both are increased performance, improved graphics handling, and better PCIe support.

Intel Xeon W-1300 series ‘Rocket Lake’ family includes seven models with TDP 35W (T-series), 80W or 125W (P-series), which are compatible with motherboards with LGA1200 socket based on Intel W480 chipset (with the latest BIOS updates) as well as the W580 chipset. The 35W and 125W TDP models have the same clock speeds as their Core series cousins. But the 80W SKUs are faster than the 65W TDP Core processors.

Characteristics of the representatives of the line

Cores / Threads Base clock Max Turbo TDP iGPU RRC
Xeon W-1390P 8/16 3.50GHz 5.30 GHz 125W UHD Graphics P750 $ 539
Xeon W-1390 8/16 2.80GHz 5.20 GHz 80W UHD Graphics P750 $ 494
Xeon W-1390T 8/16 1.50 GHz 4.90 GHz 35W UHD Graphics P750 $ 494
Xeon W-1370P 8/16 3.60 GHz 5.20 GHz 125W UHD Graphics P750 $ 428
Xeon W-1370 8/16 2.90 GHz 5.10 GHz 80W UHD Graphics P750 $ 362
Xeon W-1350P 6/12 4.00 GHz 5.10 GHz 125W UHD Graphics P750 $ 311
Xeon W-1350 6/12 3.30 GHz 5.00 GHz W UHD Graphics P750 $ 255

By the way, the new processors are similar to the 11th generation of the Core series not only in terms of capabilities. They also have almost the same design and architecture. The cores and clock speed, with the exception of the 80W models, as mentioned above, are almost identical. All members of the Xeon W-1300 line come with Intel UHD Graphics P750 with 32 EU GPUs and support up to 128GB of DDR4-3200 ECC memory. Their main difference from their “relatives” is just Xe-LP graphics and drivers certified for use in professional CAD and graphic applications.

Intel has included in the Intel Xeon W-1300 series five eight-core models equipped with 16MB LLC (W-1390P, W-1390, W-1390T, W-1370P, W-1370) and two six-core models. with 12MB LLC (W-1350P, W-1350). An important point – the entire line is not compatible with platforms based on Intel B, H, Q and Z series chipsets.

The inclusion of processors in the base is notable in that Intel never does so if the chips are only expected in the near future. Typically, the company takes this step after the processors are ready and can be shipped to customers. So we can expect that in the coming months there will be workstations based on the new series.

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