Robotics laboratories, fab labs and victories of youth teams at specialized Olympiads – Digest of ITMO University

We have under the cut – three photo tours, two podcasts, reports on the maker’s day and articles on projects-winners of the largest international competitions in youth robotics.

Mechanized arms and manipulators… We show how the robotics laboratory at ITMO University looks like. Inside the photo tour – with industrial installations, capture devices and other equipment – there is also a detailed story about what the specialists of the laboratory deployed on the basis of our oldest department are doing: from experiments with Stewart’s robotic platform and the development of adaptive control algorithms for KUKA youBot before work with FESTO Robot Vision Cell and modeling the behavior of a surface vessel.

Acquaintance with the laboratory of cyber-physical systems… Another compact photo tour in our Habré – we are sharing details about the infrastructure of the new multifunctional space. There is: a training ground for robots, an indoor quadcopter, cameras with a motion capture system, a sliding wall for additional zoning of the room, a closed work area, huge walls for visualizing algorithms and business processes, and also its own coffee room. In addition to the material base, we discuss projects and laboratory developments.

We work with an unstructured environment… The speaker for this issue of ITMO Research – Sergey Kolyubin… He runs the laboratories that we showed above, and is the deputy director of the mega-faculty of computer technology and management. In an interview, Sergey talks about approach to the educational process, opportunities for students and graduate students, plus – the balance of personal and general interests of the working groups of specialized laboratories.

This is an opportunity to try and understand if it’s yours or not… Day maker becomes a traditional event for those who would like to get acquainted with microcomputers and robotic DIY components. The event is aimed not only at first-year students of specialized specialties, but also students in related disciplines with different levels of training. According to the organizers, the number of Fablab residents has exceeded 800 people.

DIY coworking space for creative people… The third photo tour in this collection, but again on technical topics. We tell you what is inside the Fablab of ITMO University – showing equipment for makers and novice robotics: 3D printers, laser engravers and CNC milling machines. Plus – student prototypes (VR / AR robot SMARR).

I want former students to meet us someday in large companies… Founder of a resident company accelerator of ITMO University tells how he launched club project on robotics “GoROBO”. It provides educational programs and assists with preparation for youth robotics competitions.

Russian Robot Olympiad winners about robots of the future… HighTech journalists discussed with the guys how they got acquainted with robotics, developed projects together with Igor Lositsky (the head of our youth robotics laboratories) and prepared for the competition. An important element of the interview is personal plans for professional development.

Slightly more detailed story about the winning project (“Smart” table with a lamp, which cleans itself by soft grip and classification of objects) – on our news portal. By the way, this freshman team took and silver medals WRO-2019

Winning the Baltic Science and Engineering Competition… The project of the team of the creative laboratory of robotics at ITMO University called Strawberry fields, presented by grade 11 students led by Igor Lositsky and Evgeny Zavarin, became the best in this competition. The developers demonstrated a smart bed model that allows strawberries to be picked using a quandrocopter and soft grip technology. It should be noted that the project recognized the best and at the WRO-2018 Olympiad.

Best at the ICRA2019 International Robotics Conference… Five of the nine members of the winning team represent our Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics… We will tell you who supported this team, how the preparations for the “remote” section of the AI ​​Driving Olympics went and what the problems looked like at this Olympiad.

Entrepreneur of the Year is our man… Ilya Chekh, a graduate of our bachelor’s and master’s degrees, received this title from Ernst & Young. Him “Motor skills»Has helped hundreds of clients from different countries and continues set the most ambitious goals at the intersection of medicine and robotics. By the way, here is the corporate blog this company Habré.

What else do we have on Habré:

  • “We do what few people have done before us”: talking about infochemistry

  • PhD student at ML lab about his experience in testing the Kotlin compiler

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