RIPE NCC Grant Applications Opened

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund annually provides financial support to initiatives that are important to the operation and sustainability of the Internet. As in previous years, in 2020 the organization will allocate 250,000 euros for this purpose. The Foundation’s grants are distributed among several of the best projects.

Both the company and an individual specialist can take part in the qualifying round. The main thing is that the participant demonstrates exactly how his project will be useful, and how much support he expects. The number of applications from each participant is not limited. All applications go through initial approval for participation, and then go to the evaluation of the international selection committee. It consists of five members of the RIPE community and a member of the RIPE NCC Board: Jaya Baloo, Nuno Garcia, Bert Hubert, Andreas Larsen, Tim Wattenberg and Remco van Mook. The level of funding for a single project is not regulated, and the amount allocated for grants is distributed among all winning projects in accordance with applications.

For the first time, the idea of ​​supporting public initiatives “the benefits of the Internet” was discussed during the general meeting of the RIPE NCC in November 2014, and in 2017 first participants received financial support for the implementation of their projects. Experience has shown that in a relatively short period of accepting applications, activists from three dozen countries manage to declare their ideas and undertakings, and the number of applications approaches a hundred. In 2019 it was chosen 7 winners, four of which were dedicated to information security (Antikraak, ARTEMIS, ASNR, Cryptofuzz), two to monitoring (IRRexplorer v2, RPKI ecosystem health monitoring) and one to IPv6 implementation (improving IPv6 support in Tor networks). You can get acquainted with the winning projects of previous years in the archive

→ You can read the conditions and apply for participation until August 23, 2020 here

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