“Rhythm games worth knowing”: which projects put on sound and made it part of the genre

Quite often, the musical component of computer games is overshadowed by the gameplay and plot. However, there are projects in which sound not only comes to the fore, but becomes an integral part of the gameplay – for example, in rhythm games. In this article, we will bypass such iconic projects as Guitar Hero, and talk about slightly less known, but no less interesting releases.

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Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

This series for Nintendo DS was released from 2005 to 2007. She is one of the founders of the rhythm games genre and rightfully has a “legendary” status: neither before nor after the release of the series there was anything similar in its simplicity and dynamics on the market. The latter is given by a specific atmosphere that leads the player through the process of resolving crisis situations from mission to mission.

It remains for him to click on the floating circles on the screen and use a special stylus for the console to the beat of the music. The complexity of the process depends on the melody, and here you can find the works of iconic Japanese artists such as nobodyknows + and The Yellow Monkey. One of the tracks was written by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, the authors of the soundtrack to the cult anime Fullmetal Alchemist.

Playlists with music for the game can be found even on Spotify. By the way, it was published in Japanese and English, so the songs for Jamiroquai, Madonna, Cher and other pop artists are involved in the adaptation for the western market – under the name Elite Beat Agents.

After Nintendo curtailed the project in 2007, a group of enthusiasts began to develop its alternative for the PC. The project was called Osu !, its code is on GitHub.

It is interesting that such a reissue surpassed the popularity of the original. The developers added the ability to create custom levels, and this step not only returned the interest in the project, but also raised it to such a level that tournaments are still being held around the game.

Crypt of the necrodancer

If Osu! Combining elements of a rhythm game and even a visual novel, Crypt Of The Necrodancer is a half-roguelike game. Here the character wanders through endless dungeons, and his actions are most effective if they fall into the rhythm of the melody.

The music in the game is written in the chiptune genre, its author is Danny Baranowsky of dB Soundworks. He worked on the soundtrack for Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac. Part of the compositions was written by invited authors (for example, FamilyJules – makes covers for YouTube).

At some point, the developers made it possible to download their own tracks, and – almost by analogy with the situation around the re-release of Osu! – significantly expanded the project community. At the thematic forums, people began to exchange music that transforms the gaming experience and allows you to look at the project from a different perspective.

Bit.Trip Runner

This is a pixel rhythm platformer in which the character moves independently, and the player’s task is to help him jump over obstacles. Each step is accompanied by sounds interwoven into an independent melodic background, and this musical arrangement helps to perform the necessary actions on time. But to pass the level without falling into the rhythm is a practically impossible task.

The early levels of the game are simple, as are the sounding compositions. But as you progress through the musical pattern becomes more complicated, and the melodies become less predictable.

Beat saber

Rhythm projects have penetrated into virtual reality – one of the most striking examples is the Beat Saber. “Early Access” to the game was opened in 2018, and in May of this year its full version was released – on PC, PS4 and Oculus Quest. The project is reminiscent of Fruit Ninja: if in the “ninja” fruits were flying that needed to be chopped with a virtual katana, then here colorful neon cubes fly to the player in time with the music, and they already need to be cut with virtual lightsabers.

Therefore, in addition to a sense of rhythm, coordination is also useful: in some moments it will be necessary to “evade” objects, bend down and take steps to the side. Due to the fact that the whole body is actually involved in the game, the Beat Saber gameplay is more like arcade dance games.

The range of genres of "built-in" songs is quite large – from rock to hip-hop. There are famous compositions from Muse, Thirty Seconds to Mars and other popular groups and music artists.

Today, tournaments are also organized for this game. They take place regularly and around the world.

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