Resume open for search. Tested efficiency

After a career consultation, I made a copy of the resume and opened it for HRs and employers to find it. I wrote in the title “Internet marketer: Yandex direct, telegram, avito.” Enable paid promotion. It costs 400₽ per week, raises the resume 5 times a day in the search for employers, the title of the resume is underlined.

Got about 1000 impressions, about 10 hits, 3 hits. Then for another 3 days the resume hung without updates – I received 2 more requests, about the same views per day. Is it necessary to say that not a single appeal was the norm? Everyone was looking for the office, one was from the agency.

Why did it happen? There are currently 9,881 vacancies and 102,803 applicants for the query “marketer”. That is, supply exceeds demand by 10 times. It is not surprising that those who have a vacancy worse than the market call: for example, in an agency or not removed. Raising 5 times a day in such a pile of resumes is buried, so when I stopped raising (the weekly subscription ended), the result did not change. That is, 5 times a day is too little, but if it was once a minute, it would be more interesting). Advertising highlighting of the resume title does not work, this is generally understandable.

Conclusion – for my niche – marketing – lifting is of little use. Maybe he will give at least some feedback to beginners, but if a person is experienced, he will simply not be satisfied with the conditions. By responding yourself, you can get much better conditions.

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