Results of the year in the PHP world

By the end of 2019, meetings of various PHP parties were held almost every week, new podcasts and channels appeared, and articles and reports flowed like a river. The spring of 2020 did not work out – it might seem that everything would die out, but the community quickly rebuilt. Streams replaced meetups, people didn’t give up preparing content and, of course, important releases.

Thanks to Alisa Martynova for the picture
Thanks to Alisa Martynova for the picture

@Pronskiy and I from the PHP digest decided to ask you – what do you remember from all this? And we launched a small anonymous survey. Here and now we collect your opinions, which we will aggregate and publish in February.

Take a survey

Research methodology. We’re not real welders. The idea was born in a small chat where the organizers of meetups and the hosts of PHP channels share ideas for new activities. None of us are professional sociologists. But we are honest) We phoned, raised questions (we eliminated some), figured out the distribution channels – chats about PHP, Habr, targeting in social networks, and so on. And they went to do it.

But we have a small background in research

We are helped by @alyssashch, who has been exploring the IT landscape of Rostov-on-Don for the second year – look how cool she does it.

What and why we investigate

We have formulated 14 questions, some of them are optional. All questions are divided into two types: with a ready-made choice (the option “add your own version” is provided) and open – without prompts, with free input.

Among the open questions:

  • Community Person of the Year – if you wanted to say “thank you” to specific activists, content creators and contributors, do not be shy… And we will figure out how to mark them.

  • The report that will be remembered this year – from the materials mentioned, a selection will be obtained, which, perhaps, will be interesting and useful for others to look at. Reports can refer to any time.

  • Article, which was remembered this year – by analogy with the reports.

  • There is also an open question about IT companies with good expertise in PHP – this is both tips for finding speakers for future meetups and streams, and the opportunity to see the entry of their reports and articles into the questionnaire.

Among the questions with ready-made answers:

  • Channels in telegram and on YouTube (they took the most active from this list), as well as podcastswho regularly released content – were they remembered and for what.

  • Highlights such as releases and popular streams – what caught on and was it worth the wait.

  • There are also questions about your favorite framework, IDE, the current level of the developer – we want to try to build slices according to this criterion, suddenly an interesting pattern will emerge.

What will happen to the data

we collecting answers until mid-January. Then we will normalize and convert them into beautiful graphics, perhaps even clickable ones – and publish on, Habré and telegram channel PHP digest. Most likely, raw data (with the exception of email addresses) will also be available as an archive – you can pick it up and build your slices.

The survey is anonymous, but we are collecting email – you can send it if you wantto win the official PHP elephant. Everything is simple here. The elephant is plush, physical, you have to hand it over to someone physically. To somehow contact a person, you need his contact.

The final elephant may differ in color.
The final elephant may differ in color.

We will choose the owner when summing up the results of the survey. Perhaps there will be more prizes.

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