results of a Sunday trip to a Spanish flea market

What was there today, at the flea market?

First of all, here is a video of the flea market itself, or rather, its beginning. Thanks to him, you can understand what the object itself is. As I said, this is one, but a long street, along both sides of which sellers line up. Among them are hoarders, sellers of new clothes, gadgets, sellers of rather expensive antiques, plus cafes and restaurants.

As for the systems and devices sold, I was immediately attracted by robots – very well made. Among them, one unpacked and obviously already used before, and one in the box. It’s not entirely clear whether it’s new or not, but it looks interesting. Who knows what these models are and how functional they are?


A little further away – two more robots, already definitely used, and not bad. It seems that the bottle caught their attention and they are going to take it to their ship for study. Well, or trite looking for a third to continue the “research”.


Then there were two consoles – one – Nintendo Wii in an almost complete set, with power, cables for connecting to TV, a wireless panel, the second – PS 2, with controllers. I have a soft spot for older game consoles, so I decided to get a Wii. I bought it for 10 euros, it turned out to be fully functional.


The Wii seems to be very reliable, because of all the ones I’ve bought, only a few have not worked. And then, they turned on, but some functions did not work. I have not yet met completely non-working ones, although I went through a lot of them.



A little further – just a paradise for a lover of retro consoles. Previously, for systems like those shown in the photo, you could give your right hand away. Here and all sorts of adapters, and hardware extensions, and wireless communication modules. I even got a network adapter for PS2, which is also a slot for a hard drive. I heard about this, but I have never seen it personally – now I regret that I did not buy it. I had already run into the heat by that time, and decided that I did not need such an adapter. Well, maybe next time I’ll get it.









And then some more game consoles and controllers. In this case, I didn’t buy anything. Even though I have a fairly large office, the purchased treasures simply do not fit. In the next few days, you will have to give away / sell what has accumulated, because there are a lot of things.





I came across quite a few laptops, from fairly modern to vintage, like the Hitachi 500 plus. Most laptops are in very good condition.



A few minutes later I met a seller with a mountain of disassembled and whole mini-PCs and ordinary desktops. Somewhere there were even 2 GB DDr3 memory sticks. I met other sellers with a similar product.





Are there valuable models in the pictures? If yes, please tell us which ones and why.




Also this time there were somehow a lot of walkie-talkies and walkies-talkie. It seems that somewhere a group of hunters was robbed or whoever uses it there, and all the selected items were put up for sale at a flea market. It’s a joke, if anything, the police would quickly deal with such an incident.



Well, a few interesting pipes, a whole collection of which I met with one of the sellers.


Well, a few knives – from a machete to a rapier (is it a rapier?) and some kind of decorative knife. I wonder how the police would have looked at all these purchases if they stopped the buyer’s car afterwards.


At the flea market, it seems to me, you can buy everything, well, almost everything. Here, for example, is a completely intact Jacuzzi, which God knows where they brought it from and now they sell it at a flea market.


And here is a huge curved TV, with a seemingly intact screen. This can only be found out by connecting to a network, which, although you can find it at a flea market, you can’t just move this TV, and, moreover, you can’t move it 200-300 meters to the outlet.


And also met a huge collection of DVDs. When I see something like this, I immediately start thinking “about the eternal”. You collect something like that, you collect it, and then bam – and your treasures are taken out in the form of garbage to the nearest punto limpio.

What did I buy?

In general, not much, but things are interesting.

Purchase #1


“Glasses” for hard drives – without wires and chargers. I checked at home – everything works, including the disk cloning function. I have one such “glass”, but it is not quite convenient, I will try to work with one of the purchased ones.

Purchase #2



Woxter i-Cube 2700 media player. I don’t really need it by itself. But, firstly, the device is working, someone you know may come in handy. And, secondly, he has a 2 TB HDD, I will take out the hard drive and connect it to my PC as external storage.

Purchase #3


SSD 240 GB each. Bought for 10 euros apiece. It is clear that God knows what kind of purchase, but the drives turned out to be working, plus they usually cost around 20-25 euros. And I really need such drives for refurbished laptops.

Purchase #4


1.2 TB server SAS disk. It’s clear that it won’t work to check at home, you need a specialized adapter, which I don’t have. But these discs are indestructible, so most likely a working one. Its cost in the network ranges from 100 to 300 euros. I bought for 2 euros – the seller simply did not know what it was.

Purchase #5

4 PSPs of different models and variations. All turned out to be working, only a couple for some reason had non-working memory cards from Sony, one console had a broken display, and only one had a battery. The rest don’t. I think I’ll put the batteries in and give them away to my friends – there are gamers among them.

What is this thing?

This time, as always, I came across several interesting devices, the purpose of which I did not understand.

Piece number 1. Musical instrument


It looks broken, but who knows, maybe this tool should look like this. What it is?

Thing number 2. Thing with keys


Nothing at all is clear. It’s a game? Encryption machine? A device for learning the alphabet? A very strange thing.

Thing number 3. Some kind of device


It looks like a metal detector, but it also reminds me of a grass trimmer. Something weird, let’s see.

Piece number 4. medical device


The microphone on top is clearly not from this system. From it you can understand that this is something medical, and nothing more.

Piece number 5.


Even more mysterious system. Unfortunately, I took the photo from a distance, so the picture is not very high quality. But it is quite possible to see individual nodes.

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Well, that’s all! Until we meet again, stay tuned.

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