Resant LED lamps

Resanta’s company, known primarily for welding machines and voltage stabilizers, has produced LED lamps. I tested all the models and, looking ahead, I will say that they turned out to be good.

All lamps are available in two color temperatures: warm white light 3000K and neutral white light 4000K.

Released “pears” 7-9-11-13-15-20 W, “candles” 5-6-7 W with an E14 base and 6 W with an E27 base, 7 W G45 balls with an E14 base and 7 spots W with GU5.3 socket.

Results of my tests. Lamps with warm light.

Lamps with neutral light.

Spectra and results of lamps with warm and neutral light using the example of A60 13 W lamps.

All lamps have a safety factor of less than 0.4%.

All lamps have a CRI (Ra) higher than 81. This allows them to be recommended for residential use.

All lamps work correctly with switches that have an indicator. They do not light up or flash when such a switch is off.

All lamps are built on IC-drivers, so that their brightness does not change when the supply voltage is significantly reduced. In fact, the lamps have a built-in stabilizer. Lamps are guaranteed to work without a decrease in brightness at a supply voltage of 165-230 V, for different models the brightness decreases by no more than 5% when the supply voltage drops to 118-152 V (the minimum voltage values ​​for each model are indicated in the tables in the “Umin” column) …

The measured luminous flux for 16 lamp models turned out to be 1-11% higher than the declared one, for one model it exactly corresponds to the declared one, for 7 models it was 2-9% lower than the declared one (this is permissible and fits into the requirements of GOST R 54815-2011 “LED lamps with built-in control device for general lighting for voltages above 50 V “, according to which the deviation of the luminous flux is allowed by no more than 10%).

For models with a rated power of 15 and 20 W, the measured power turned out to be 13-15% less than the indicated one (13 and 17-17.5 W, respectively). For all other models, the measured power differs from the declared one by no more than 7%.

The measured color temperature of all lamps is close to the declared one and differs from it by no more than 3%.

The equivalent power for lamps is indicated accurately enough.

I tested two copies of each lamp model. The difference between two lamps in terms of luminous flux does not exceed 4%. The tables show the results for an instance with a lower luminous flux.

The range includes models with very similar parameters, the difference in brightness of which may not be visually discernible. These are lamps “pear” 13 and 15 W and “candle” 5 and 6 W.

Lamps are guaranteed for 2 years. All lamps were manufactured in September 2019.

Before testing, the lamps were warmed up for 30 minutes.

Luminous flux, color temperature and color rendering index were measured using a 2-meter integrating sphere and an Instrument Systems CAS 140 CT spectrometer, power consumption and power factor (Power Factor) with a Robiton PM2 instrument, and a ripple coefficient with an Uprtek MK350D instrument. The minimum voltage level at which the luminous flux of the lamp decreased by no more than 5% of the nominal was measured using a Lamptest-1 device and a LATR Suntek TDGC2-0.5. In addition, a control measurement of the power was made with a GW Instek GPM-8212 device, a control measurement of the color temperature and color rendering index with an Uprtek MK350D device.

The tested lamps showed results that are not typical for lamps on the Russian market. The measured parameters of most lamps are better than those stated (despite the fact that most market participants significantly overestimate the parameters on the packaging). All lamps provide safe and comfortable light without pulsation with good color rendering. Thanks to the use of IC drivers, lamps can be used in areas with unstable and low mains voltage. Lamps work correctly with switches that have an indicator. On the packaging of lamps, the equivalent power of the incandescent lamp is correctly indicated

There are not many new lamp brands appearing now and it is good that Resanta has added a very small list of brands with honest parameters.

The first batch of lamps from Resanta turned out to be really good. I hope that when it is sold out, a new batch will be ordered no worse, and I will definitely follow this and check what the lamps of this brand will be in the future.

© 2020, Alexey Nadezhin

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