Replicate this. Webinars Apache Ignite and GridGain

We continue the series of webinars where GridGain developers not only talk, but also show how to work with these or other features. Apache ignite.

If you missed, be sure to look Security Settings Guide for Apache Ignite and GridGain with Examples.

On Thursday April 23 let’s talk about how rebalance is arranged in Ignite, and we will analyze log examples in detail to learn how to determine when rebalance is stopped, and when it is still active, and it is safer to restart cluster nodes. Also, an example will help to understand why it was automatically chosen historical or full rebalance. Before the webinar, we advise you to read about data distribution in Apache Ignite.
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On Wednesday the 6th of May we’ll find out how GridGain Data Center Replication works and using code examples we’ll show how to configure and manage this function. Including, we will touch on the basics of replication between data centers; let’s see how you can combine several GridGain clusters operating in different data centers; and go through the recommendations for disaster recovery settings.
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