“Repair for sound”: we deal with the acoustic preparation of the room – 10 thematic materials

For reading this weekend, we’ve handpicked articles on how to improve your listening experience with minor [в некоторых ситуациях — масштабной] completion of the premises.

Photo: Henry & Co.  Source: Unsplash.com
Photo: Henry & Co. Source: Unsplash.com

Room acoustics: foundation… A voluminous guide on the topic of sound insulation. Discussing box-in-box, sandwiches, fluttering echoes, and practical tips.

Room acoustics: furnishings… Continuation of the analysis, but already about acoustic processing – bass traps, diffusers, sound absorbers in the format of special plates and electronic sound correction (this topic is discussed in the introductory subsection).

How to prepare a room for listening to music… Thematic overview for getting to know the most basic points. We tell you what not to forget at the stage of renovation, what are the options in terms of interior design and whether it is worth using “enhancers”. Plus – we share examples of installations of “Audiomania”.

The Ultimate Guide to Built-in Acoustics… This topic was dealt with back in the 80s, but today the “integration” has become more effective. It is unpretentious, can work in high humidity and even outdoors. For such tasks, audio brands offer special options for cabinet speakers, but they – like any system – have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about them and the key characteristics of embedded systems.

Hang the TV “over the fireplace” or not: basic tips… There is an opinion that this approach is in trend. But experts say it’s best to take your time: assess the potential thermal effects, the angle of view, the degree of soreness in your neck, and a number of other nuances. The main ones are presented in the form of a checklist in the “basement” of this material.

“What’s the sound” in a smart home We discuss new products and technologies – acoustics MusicCast, special receivers, soundbars and the principles of multiroom operation. Also, we figure out where there is Dolby Atmos, 3D audio and voice control.

Room acoustics, tips and tweaks… What will give a much greater effect than the elimination of acoustic defects in the room? Here are collected recommendations for those who listen to music in an ordinary living room: from determining the points of reflection and resonances to working on the “dips” and “deafness” of the space.

Acoustics for dummies: how to properly arrange speakers in the room… “Continuation” of the previous material. We discuss how to combat reflections at home using four factors that negatively influence the listening experience. These are reverberation times, standing waves, early reflections and fluttering echoes. It is still possible to save the sound with improvised means – the details can be found in the article.

Acquaintance with the new audiomania cinemas… In one of the episodes of the “Sound” podcast, we discussed the results of a large construction project that took place in our Moscow office. New cinemas became part of showroom – it is available for customers who would like to evaluate the capabilities of several models of audio systems before making a purchase decision.

How we made an audio exhibition… After the launch of the cinemas – by the way, one of them is made in the format living room with “invisible” acoustics – we organized an open exposition: we showed our own brands and introduced guests to their developers.


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